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Urban warfare setting

Here be the artistic side of Dedoimedo, mostly. This category is dedicated to fantastic art using computer software to create and render realistic 3D objects, be they innocent sofas or fiercesome tanks or futuristic spaceship the likes of which you have never seen, all peppered with a healthy dose of dramatic ambiance, some post-processing and filtering and image manipulation, videos, and other cool effects.

End result, a visual cuisine, with just a touch of geeky. P.S. If you're not in the mood to read all the introduction, i.e. TL;DR, then feel free to jump stroll down to experience the magnificent art work!

Major categories

3D design in Google SketchUp, Kerkythea et al
Beautiful 3D art with reflections

This section is all about 3D art using Google SketchUp and Kerkythea, and to some lesser extent, other 3D software like Blender, POV-Ray and other merry fellows. Designed entirely by Dedoimedo, from tiniest scratch to most magnificent final image, plus some guest posts from people privileged enough to be my friends and artists, all at the same time. The theme revolves mostly around military, spacecraft and castles, go figure. If you're interested, you might want to take a look at the most awesome preview gallery.

Interior Design

This section is ruled by Dedoimedo's significant other. All of the content here is created and maintained by her, including the design of the various models as well as the articles. Not only does she dabble in architectural design software, she also uses Google SketchUp and Kerkythea, so you get a double dose of goodness, for free. Not the typical material for the enterpreneuring Dedoimedo reader, but then we most warmly welcome everyone, including the ladies of the opposite sex.

3D design in Google SketchUp & Kerkythea galleries

You can click these fine little previews to jump into each gallery ... Some of the galleries have lots of extras, like more realistic rendering and fanciful GIMP effects, so make sure to check them all! The more artistically inclined among you will surely appreciate the extra touch of color and realism. I hope you'll enjoy them!

Thumbnail - Norman castle  Thumbnail - Teutonic castle  Thumbnail - Saracen castle  Thumbnail - Castle Ice  Thumbnail - Super castle

Thumbnail - DD 71  Thumbnail - Catamaran aircraft carrier  Thumbnail - Assault hovercraft  Thumbnail - Submarine + aircraft carrier  Thumbnail - Carrier Task Force

Thumbnail - Helicopter  Thumbnail - Plane 1  Thumbnail - Plane 2  Thumbnail - Flying aircraft carrier  Thumbnail - Hybrid plane

Thumbnail - Mechwarrior  Thumbnail - Spacecraft  Thumbnail - Spacecraft new

Thumbnail - Kill Mobil  Thumbnail - Main Battle Tank  Thumbnail - Urban Warfare

Thumbnail - Spiderbot  Thumbnail - Steampunk crossbow & pistol

SketchUp running on Ubuntu 16.04 - Tutorial
updated July 8, 2015

Steampunk crossbow and pistol design
updated January 3, 2015

Mandelbulber - 3D fractal explorer
updated October 9, 2014

YafaRay raytracing - Not bad, but needs more love
updated August 3, 2014

Flying aircraft carrier model - Jolly awesome
updated June 21, 2014

Mega gallery of a carrier task group
updated June 11, 2014

Submarine + aircraft carrier - Wicked!
updated April 12, 2014

Fake Depth of Field (DOF) in GIMP
updated January 22, 2014

Quick, fake fog in Kerkythea - tutorial
updated December 16, 2013

Urban warfare, a 3D gallery inspired by the ArmA II game!
updated November 15, 2013

Ekranoplan, pimped up
updated September 6, 2013

RaySupreme review - Not bad but can get better
updated September 4, 2013

A sinister medieval castle
updated August 12, 2013

Kill Mobil gets a facelift
updated June 21, 2013

Mechwarrior, future nuclear war
updated June 7, 2013

New awesome renders of my Hovercraft project!
updated May 3, 2013

Destroyer ship, new awesome realistic rendering!
updated April 11, 2013

This thing is coming soon
updated March 22, 2013

Twilight Render SketchUp plugin
updated March 16, 2013

Fix data folder location in Kerkythea Echo Boost
updated March 8, 2013

Kerkythea Echo Boost - Soon, soon everywhere
updated February 27, 2013

Maxwell for SketchUp - My new 3D toy
updated February 7, 2013

Dedoimedo Ferengi warship retouched - WARP 9
updated October 8, 2012

DraftSight - Free CAD software, review and tour
updated September 8, 2012

A catamaran aircraft carrier - Second gallery
updated August 23, 2012

Spiderbot - a mechanized tarantula
updated July 16, 2012

How to export Google SketchUp models to Minecraft
updated June 16, 2012

3D file format conversion tools
updated June 2, 2012

Instancing Brush in Kerkythea - the reality magic wand
updated May 14, 2012

Mechwarrior revisited - fresh new images!
updated May 5, 2012

New renders of my tank model!
updated April 21, 2012

Hybrid aircraft - part plane, part ekranoplan, 100% cool
updated April 4, 2012

DAZ Studio 4 - Not an artist? Not a problem.
updated December 30, 2011

Mechwarrior - Dedoimedo style
updated December 24, 2011

anim8or - A nifty 3D modeling and animation software
updated December 17, 2011

Blender is amazing!
updated December 3, 2011

How to convert .dae to .3ds in Blender
updated November 5, 2011

Blender 2.5 Character Animation Cookbook review
updated September 28, 2011

Blender 2.5 HOTSHOT book review
updated July 8, 2011

New spacecraft gallery - Dedoimedo Ferengi clone
updated July 4, 2011

POV-Ray + Google SketchUp - Tons of fun more!
updated May 7, 2011

Awesome preview of my Kerkythea 3D renders
updated April 19, 2011

Kerkythea + Google SketchUp - Tons of fun!
updated April 19, 2011

POV-Ray - A whole new level of 3D art
updated March 28, 2011

Kerkythea 2008 Echo - A superb 3D rendering program
updated March 11, 2011

A castle straight out of a fantasy story
updated January 12, 2011

Google SketchUp in Linux - A reality!
updated July 10, 2010

Flying aircraft carrier - Why not indeed?
updated May 28, 2010

A main battle tank - The finest 3D model ever!
updated February 26, 2010

Assault hovercraft
updated August 9, 2009

A catamaran aircraft carrier
updated March 4, 2009

Medieval castle - Saracen style
updated November 18, 2008

Spacecraft - a futuristic look on aeronautics
updated March 15, 2008

Helicopter - a crossbred gunship
updated December 24, 2007

Combat aircraft - Su-35 wannabe
updated September 1, 2007

Kill Mobil
updated June 2, 2007

Castle Ice
updated February 3, 2007

Combat aircraft - between F-15 and Su-27
updated December 9, 2006

Medieval castle - Teuton style
updated November 6, 2006

Medieval castle - Norman style
updated September 20, 2006

DD 71, battleship with a destroyer's insignia
updated July 11, 2006

Interior Design galleries

You can click these fine little previews to jump into each gallery ... Some of the galleries have lots of extras, like more realistic rendering and fanciful GIMP effects, videos, animations, and more, so make sure to check them all! The more artistically inclined among you will surely appreciate the extra touch of color and realism. Try to have fun, fellas!

Thumbnail - Snail House  Thumbnail - Mushroom House  Thumbnail - Lofty studio  Thumbnail - Weekend getaway  Thumbnail - Do It Yourself Layout

Thumbnail - A woodland retreat  Thumbnail - The Lateral  Thumbnail - Star skyscraper  Thumbnail - Two in one flat  Thumbnail - Child's play 

Thumbnail - Chaise Lounge  Thumbnail - Glass  Thumbnail - Table

Mushroom, Mushroom!
updated August 28, 2017

Ribbons of steel
updated December 17, 2014

updated March 8, 2014

Child's play
updated January 11, 2013

Chaise Lounge in Kerkythea - Awesomely realistic!
updated April 13, 2012

Two for the price of one
updated February 10, 2012

Swinging on a star
updated June 23, 2011

A woodland retreat
updated February 25, 2011

The Lateral - A terraced apartment-hotel
updated July 19, 2010

Do It Yourself Layout
updated June 21, 2010

Lofty studio with a built-in basement
updated January 9, 2010

Snail House
updated October 3, 2009

Weekend getaway
updated October 3, 2009

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