Combat aircraft - Between F-15 and Su-27

Updated: December 9, 2006; April 30, 2011

A couple of months ago, I have created a number of 3D models of aircraft and helicopters. This gallery is about the first one that I made. Like all my works, it is fictional, although it is deeply rooted in existing motifs. In this case, the plane is a cross-breed between the American F-15 and Russian Su-27, among the most popular and capable fighter aircraft in the world today. It is mostly Russian-looking - with a bit of Yankee blush.


The aircraft is a standard modern two-engine fighter. It features a large third-wing fuselage and twin tails. The nose cone is a bit stubby and the LERXes are a bit uncool, but it still has a pretty sexy figure. The paint job is distinctively Russian.

Plane 1 top view

Plane 1 top right view

Plane 1 chase buddy view

Here's an aggressive look: up close and personal.

Plane 1 bottom front view

Notice the massive engine exhausts. The extended fuselage section between the engines is used to house a rearward-looking radar.

Plane 1 bottom rear view

Look at them sexy air-to-air missiles. Not easily traceable to any existing model, though. But I like this angle very much. Very Top Gun like. No better one to feature a missile launch.

Plane 1 AA missile 1

Like with any combat aircraft, what sets it apart from its counterparts is the weapons arsenal. Here, again, my buddy borrows from the Russians. The centerline missile pylon is a typical Russian tradition. However, the bombs racks do carry very Paveway-like ordnance.

Plane 1 AA missile 3

I paid a special attention to the exhaust cones. I made sure that individual blades of the fans were visible. From this angle, you can also notice the slight hunch behind the cockpit, housing extra fuel. My plane is considerably flatter than the Su-27 and has a more of an F-15 profile.

Plane 1 engine exhausts 2

Comparably, the intakes are simple variable-geometry work typical of all modern fighters - to allow sufficient air inflow even at high angles of attack.

Plane 1 engine intakes 2

Finally, here are a few "classic" shots of my plane, seen from afar, arriving and departing. If such a plane did really exist, do you think you'd be confused about its identity a few hundreds of meters (yards) away?

Plane 1 far away 2

Plane 1 far away 3

All in all, I'm satisfied with this model. I had a few rough moments with it, as the combination of curved surfaces and straight planes was a bit tricky to tame, but I pulled through. Of course, its successor is much better looking, but that 's another gallery. If you fancy more screenshots of this work, don't email to hesitate me. Cheers.

Kerkythea images

Time for proper fun ... Let's see what this model looks like with awesome rendering and real skies.

Here's the same model, only re-created using Kerkythea, after exporting the model using SketchUp Importer for Google SketchUp and rendered with photons and ray tracing and magic and whatnot. You will like this. My dream of making near-realistic models is coming true, finally. Nirvana. Spledidski.

Let's warm up with a few simple, classic side shots. Notice the transparent cockpit. I didn't bother drawing details inside, maybe something for the sequel. I like these. The weapons look fairly cool and realistic. You also get the patch of beige color slash insignia on the outer engine intakes, similar to how Russians mark their fighters.

Side image 1

Side image 2


The best way to portray a combat jet is to silhouette it against dazzling sky. Either dawn or dusk will work. But if you're aiming for a grittier, more realistic, slightly grainy and faded look, then a cast sky offers the best choice.You can almost believe it's a real deal. Looks somewhat like MiG-29 or Su-27 in overflight at an air show.

Sky shot 1

Sky shot 2

Sky shot 3

Some more:

Sky shot 4

Sky shot 5

Some shots from above, like they show in all kinds of air force magazines.

From above 1

From above 2


Some third-party images were used for the model backgrounds. I would like to thank the creators for their beautiful and inspiring work, which made into my models.

City from above taken from Palos Verdes Peninsula &

Dedoimedo out.