April books & magazines giveaway

Updated: April 1, 2013

This ain't no April thingie joke. Not at all. I do have two giveaways slash contests, worth a total of 15 products, including electronic books and magazine subscriptions. So you might want to click and read further, to see what gives. That's it, don't be shy.

Instant Penetration Testing book contest

Remember my namesake book review? Sure you do, I just posted it yesterday. Anyhow, you have a chance to participate in a book giveaway. There are five copies of the e-book available for this contest, and it will run through April 15. In order to participate, you will have to navigate to the book's page, look through the book's description and drop a comment on what interests you most about this product. At the end of the contest, I will select the five best responses, upon which the ball rolls into the PacktPub court. Namely, the publisher will then contact the winners and send them their prize. To wit, please make sure you use your real email addresses in your response. If you do have any qualms, you can contact me.

Instant Pentest book

Free Magazine subscription with Zinio

This contest is ran by DarkDuck - and you can find the finer print yonder. Namely, you need to write a short story about Linux, something, anything, at least 50 words in length, and then email it to the contest organizer. You need to submit your story by April 5, which is five days from now. The winners will then be selected and announced, a total of 10 of them, who will then get their subscription of choice.


Closing words, sort of

There you go. It's up to you now to sweat your mental glands, should you choose to do so. Just a friendly reminder, I'm just a facilitator here, and you will be getting the prizes from the contest organizers. However, you're more than welcome to email me, should concerns, doubt or a need to express yourself arise.