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Let's do it again. Last year, in a first-of-its-kind Dedoimedo best distro vote poll, I asked you about your favorite operating system, and you responded in kind. With exactly 1,900 votes, you opined on the state of the Linux. It's that time of the year once more.

I am going to post an article reflecting my own view on how this year of distro testing went, but I would also very much like to hear from you. Like in 2014, I used the THP on Distrowatch and selected the top ten entries for the poll. But there's also a free field for you to add any other distro you like, as well as comments. It ought to be interesting, and hopefully not too quiet. After me.

Vote teaser

The poll

You need Javascript to vote, so apologies for that. Try to be nice, civil and fair. Try not to play the numbers, as I've not put any big restrictions in place on how the voting should be done. Well, enough words, here's the poll:

Best Linux distribution of 2015

The poll will remain open for two weeks, ending on December 26, midnight GMT. I have to ask you to hussle some of your friends and colleague, AKA spread the word. I must also kindly request that you do not double-vote or try to rig the competition. After all, it's just a friendly vote off. Last but not the least, I will include the results in my annual summary, so if you disagree with everything I do in my distro tests, this is a golden opportunity to express your own side. Let's get this rolling. Good luck.


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