Bourne Identity on Linux

Updated: July 2, 2009

If you've liked my Finger article, you'll definitely like this one.

First, this article is NOT about Jason Bourne, the badass dude created by Robert Ludlum:

Bourne Identity

Well, that's not exactly Jason Bourne, but close ...

This article is about the UNIX shell, better known as Bourne Shell ... The Bourne Shell, better known as sh, was created by Stephen Bourne in 1977 and has since featured in all UNIX-based operating systems. Furthermore, this article is about the id command, which allows you to print user identity. Thusly:


And so we have the Bourne Shell and we have the id. When id is run on top of sh, we have Bourne Identity. On Linux. Incredible, ain't it? Oh, the pun, the pun.

Fare well!