Dedoimedo 2016 contest - Win an Ubuntu tablet

Updated: June 11, 2016; December 3, 2016

Update: The contest is now over. See Winner announcement below.

Dear readers, we have a new contest ahead of us. The format is very similar to the two previous contests that we had, the one in 2013, which resulted in a lucky winner getting a Nexus phone, as the Ubuntu Phone was not ready yet then, and the one in 2014-2015, where I finally handed out an Ubuntu Phone to an entrepreneuring contestant. This year? The Ubuntu M10 tablet.

First, this little contest has nothing to do with Canonical. This is my personal endeavor, and it's all about you and me having a good time. You read my books, that's right, you write honest reviews, even if they be had, and by that you enter the competition. At the end of it, there will be a random draw, and someone will win a BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet, which I have tested recently, and it seems to be an okay nerdy gadget. Ready for details?


The prize

If you participate and follow the rules (below), you could win a tablet. As simple as that. The M10 is not a perfect beast, but it is a decent little product, it will get better, and with Convergence, it works rather well.

Side by side with the Ubuntu Phone

Side by side with the prize from the previous contest.

Convergence 3

The Books

To participate, you will need to buy and read my latest book, The Amazing Adventure of Dashing Prince Dietrich. It's a somewhat grim yet funny, gunpowder-era novel, the first of three books in a series aptly titled: Woes and Hose. Get the pun. Amazing, ain't it?

Dietrich cover

But there's more. If you have previously participated in Dedoimedo contests, you get bonus points. If you've read any one of the four books in The Lost Words series, you will get an extra vote. If you've read them ALL, you get extra two votes. Only valid for previous participants!

The Betrayed The Broken The Forgotten The Humbled

The rules

Now, here's how it's gonna work.

The contest runs till December 1, 2016.

Your purchases must be verified - shows on Amazon as such when you post a review.

Your reviews must be posted on Amazon, Goodreads or both. Amazon reviews must show as verified. Posting the same review on both is commendable, but will not win you extra contest points.

Your reviews must be honest. Blast me if needs be, but tell me why. I will disqualify reviews that look like they have been mashed together from scanning a few pages.

Before you post your review, inform me, so I can count it correctly. Use Dedoimedo contest 2016 in the subject line to properly identify your query.

There you are. Commence. WARP 9. Engage.

Winner announcement

Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner! His/her name is Odysseas Neslechanidis, and they will soon be receiving the BQ Aquaris M10 FHD Ubuntu Edition tablet. Now, this year, there were fewer participants than in the previous contests. Either the prize isn't lucrative, or I am failing as a human being. Or both.

But that is not important. Let's focus on the happy side of things! The lucky winner will shortly be receiving an email informing them of their achievement, and once they confirm it, the boxed goodie reward will set sail for the physical address of our diligent and fortunate reader.

That would be all. 'Twas fun. Stay tuned for future contests and such.