Dedoimedo contest 2014-2015

Updated: August 22, 2014; April 19, 2015; June 3, 2015

Update, June 3 2015: The contest is now over. See Winner announcement below.
Update, April 2015: Please have a quick read below on some contest news.

Hello, folks! I am officially commencing to start a new Dedoimedo contest. To wit, if you choose to participate, at the end of it, you will be eligible for a lottery draw, in which you might win a handsome electronic device, a smartphone, a tablet or some kind of a laptop. The prize has yet to be decided, and at this point, you might be more interested in the little details behind this event.

Last year, we had the Ubuntu smartphone contest. Alas, Canonical did not manage to release a device with Ubuntu on it, however, true to my word, one of the contestants, an American lad named Christopher Ledbetter did win himself a Nexus 5 device, roughly worth 350 dollars. What did he do to get that? He read my books, wrote a bunch of reviews and got lucky.

The contest rules

Anyhow, like the last time, the contest focuses on my fantasy books. You thought you might get away from them, but no. It's simple. Buy one, two or all of my books, write a bunch of honest reviews, good or bad, on Amazon and/or Goodreads, and hope for the best. Let's clarify this a bit further, shall we.

The books that qualify for the competition are The Betrayed, The Broken and The Forgotten, freshly released just this month. These are the first three volumes of The Lost Words series. Links are available further below.

Either paperback or Kindle qualify - Kindle is better, easier, cheaper. On Amazon, the reviews must shows as verified. On Goodreads, there is no such option, but I am adding this community site because in many parts of the world, people struggle to purchase books from Amazon, and therefore, write reviews. This opens the competition to everyone out there, everywhere.

Reviews must be honest. I do not want five-star nonsense. I want the truth. And I will disqualify any would-be review that's just a silly recap of the backcover text and maybe the first chapter. On Goodreads, because I cannot verify whether you really bought the book or not, if you decide to post there, the reviews will have to be extremely detailed and thorough. That's the price of this new condition.

The competition will run from now till February 28, 2015.  The prize value will depend on the number of participants. The more the merrier. It will work as follows: 10 dollars per participant. So if we have 50 participants, the winner will get a prize worth 500 dollars! Anyway, not bad for reading a few darn good books.

However, those who post their reviews before December 31, 2014, the New Year Eve, will get special treatment. An extra 100 dollars, if they win! If the winner is a later submission, this extra bonus won't happen.

Each review grants a separate contest entry. Read all three of them, and you get better chances of winning. For those who participated in the past, your old votes will not count, but if you review the third book, you will get a double vote.

Mail in your user names, with which you intend to post your reviews, BEFORE you post them, so I can match you to the relevant content. Mark the subject of your emails with Dedoimedo contest.

The exact prize will be decided later on.

Other stuff

That's about it. Pay attention to dates and all the little details. Do not play legalese, and we will be fine. This is, after all, a fun drive and a chance to expand your intellect and the gadget arsenal at the same time. Let's make the best of it.

Like the last time, if the contest goes full swing with a very high number of submissions, I might increase the winning prize to include additional devices, second place, third place, who knows. It's Game Theory, and up to you. The more people participate, the better it will get.

Links to books

For those who can buy on Amazon: The Betrayed, The Broken, The Forgotten

For those who cannot, CreateSpace store: The Betrayed, The Broken, The Forgotten

And there we are. No great conclusions. Just fun. Enjoy and good luck!

Update, March 2015

All right. As you can see, we are past the official end date for the competition, and yet, it is still running. There are two good reasons for this. One, I have tardied a bit sending the physical copies to readers, because I have myself received them late. Therefore, I want to give people more time to finish the books.

Two, so far, eleven people have pledged their hearts and minds to the competition, but only two have writ their reviews online. Hurry up folks. This is a gentle reminder to get underway with my prose.

Three, most importantly, Ubuntu phone is a reality now. Even though it is officially only available to people in Europe, and then, only through quick flash sales, but there's nothing restricting me from buying and shipping it anywhere I want. And so I have aimed my sights on this, and I'm gonna get some. I think it would be a really cool winning prize, for real this time, and I'm working very hard to buy an Ubuntu phone or three, and then ship one to a happy winner.

All combined, the official and final end date for the competition is June 1, 2015. There will be no more extensions beyond this. I wish you all luck, and myself too, as I wait for buy an Ubuntu phone and fanboy prancing happily around. There. End of update.

Update, April 2015

Yay, the phones are on their way! Two lovely BQ Aquaris E4.5. One for me, one for you.

Phones, purchased

Winner announcement

Let us announce the happy winner of this contest. Much like the previous time, the numbers of pledges was higher than the number of people who eventually posted their reviews before the deadline. Out of a total of 25 participants, 14 submitted their reviews in time.

This time, the winner is John Page, who boosted his chances by reviewing all three books. Congratulations! I will now contact John regarding the shipment of his fine little prize, one BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Phone.


And that would be all. Stay tuned for future contests.