Funny stuff what I encountered

Updated: February 22, 2012

This is going to be a clowns-quality article - sad and tragic and most likely unfunny. But some of you may yet chuckle at the contents displayed. For 'tis not just any article about funny stuff, it's one that has to do with computers and operating systems. So basically we're gonna showcase bad cases of algorithms, mathematics and coding translated into things you see on your screen.

We will talk about mail filters, battery life meters, download speeds, weird popups, and other things that escape the quality assurance teams, as they are too busy LAN-partying anyway. Presenting the short list of some of the funny, quirky, geeky things I've seen in the past couple of years. If you hate this, I allow you to send me hate mails.

Yahoo's phenomenal mail filter

There isn't much to say for one that is so rigorous it filters itself, no?

Mail filter

Microsoft loves the Internet

After you install a .NET framework, no more Web is necessary!

dotNET install

Fedora downloads the bestest

How about 2.8GB/sec download speed? Screw SSD! Screw SATA! It's all in the cloud.

Superfast download

Firefox downloads the bestest too!

Not only is Fedora the champ of all the packets, so is Firefox:

Firefox download

But SUSE holds the world record in disk requirements

How much do you think a typical Linux distro needs? 4GB? Well, how about 19.2PB more? That's 19,200TB more. Yup, you read that right.

Disk requirements

All your battery are belong to Microsoft

Windows also leads in battery life on Windows 7 laptops due to this new technology called always-turned-off. The standard 6-cell battery allows no less than 36 hours and 48 minutes of merry computing, not.

Battery life

Microsoft is best known for intelligent prompts

Nothing too verbose, just the right amount of information for the user.

Informative prompt

Smartness contest, anti-virus products

Avira definitely wins, and there's no image that better represent security than the one below. A combination of words child, abuse and fabric softener to instill the clear message of security, no? A definite winner there.

Antivir prompt

SSD on Linux

Remember speed, darn blazing speed? Well, Fedora ain't the only one. Ubuntu with SSD, when bootcharted, gives these lovely figures. No one does it better, James Bond. Well, 102.5GB/sec is definitely a nice number. Ought to boot in 4 nanoseconds.

SSD speed

And that would be all.


There, we're done here. I told you, tragic and maybe a little funny. Still, I think you can appreciate the colorful variety of errors shown here, as well as the snarky commentator's voice following you through your experience. Dedoimedo winning.

I have a few more, but I decided against posting them, as some are too silly. Remember the icecream-smeared kid used in Yahoo mail self-promotion images? Well that one is a sure winner, but I did not want it polluting my pixels. And a few others. Now, if you have ideas, sure send them. Enjoy.

The image of the clown on the homepage is in public domain.