Google Chrome & EMET crashes

Updated: May 26, 2014

If you are using Microsoft EMET, which you definitely should, because it is superior to all other forms of would-be security products for Windows, then you must have added Google's browser as one of the applications, and added the necessary mitigations.

Suddenly, Google Chrome no longer works. It crashes. Specifically, this happens to you with Google Chrome 35 and EMET 4.0, but it could be any which two versions of said software conflicting. Now, you do want to keep the mitigations in place, but then you also want to have a working browser. Let's see how we might resolve this.


When you try to launch Chrome, it simply crashes. There isn't that much useful debug information for you. However, Microsoft EMET does kick in, notifications popup in your system tray, and you get an option to submit a report, which could help Microsoft investigate the problem and hopefully fix it. After all, this is a false positive so to speak, although there are no false positives with EMET. It means bad coding and such.

Google Chrome crash

EMET report

The information available in the Event Viewer isn't very helpful either. It's just a generic exception, and it happens at various memory addresses. For normal people, this is totally not useful. But at least we have a lead.

Application Name: C:\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
CallerCheck Failed:
PID          : 0x2320/8992
TID          : 3758
API Name     : kernel32.LoadLibraryW
ReturnAddress: 0E2E8FB5
CalledAddress: 771348F3
StackPtr     : 0035F684


You're not going to like this, but I'm going to pull a classic IT trick on you. Upgrade. Yes, please upgrade EMET to the latest version, which at the moment stands at 4.1 With this latest version, Google Chrome behaves just fine. This is a very silly way of doing things, but you don't really want to dig into code, now do you. Simple and elegant.

EMET updated, Google Chrome works


Sometimes, the best fix is really to let the vendor do all the hard work. Do not try to dig too deeply into problems, because nothing good awaits you there. Instead, you can simply work around the issue by using a new version, which has the necessary enhanced compatibility already in place.

Best of all, EMET 4.1 retains all the rules and settings you put in place with the older versions of the program, it is stable and robust, and it fixes a handful of bugs here and there. In this case, making the upgrade is the smart thing to do. Here we go, a rather simple tutorial, but it might save some of you some time. And such. Enjoy.


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