Studying kernel bugs

Updated: March 19, 2010

Dear readers, we've already had articles on LKCD and Kdump, powerful utilities that allow you to collect kernel crash dumps, so you can analyze them for core problems in the system, including kernel bugs.

On a different note, kernel bugs take a whole new meaning when you stick to the literal meaning of the phrase. Kernel, as in the seed of certain plants; and bug, as a popular name for insects. When you combine them together, you get Dr. Pun all over the place!

Please withhold your scorn and mockery just yet and try to wallow in the sheer meaningless genius of yet another of my super-funny yet super-educative articles, which take things out context and infuse them with a brand new color.

So, in the spirit of the thing, a kernel bug!

Kernel bug

Note: common earwig image taken from Wikipedia; licensed under CC-BY 2.5.

As you can see, we have a lovely little insect (RE: bug) perched cozily on the split peach kernel. You must admit it's a lovely display of colors, plus the use of peach is definitely a unique touch. Once again, I've boosted my self-esteem yet another notch.

You have the fruit kernel and you have a bug; now you can study them!

I hope you liked it; if not, feel free to send me emails of wrath and outrage and I shall promptly ignore them. Just for reference, I've spent some 8 minutes polishing the image, so it looks authentic, more or less.


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