The Linux sex life - An illustrated story

Updated: January 6, 2012

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What if your sex life resembled Linux in some way? What if words like long-term support, desktop, kernel, and window manager were some kind of a naughty analogy to how our sex life looked like and vice versa? What if someone asked you to illustrate this? What would you say?

No one asked me to do this, but I did this anyway. Ladies and gentlemen, Dedoimedo proud presents The Linux sex life - An illustrated story, a comic strip portraying the sex life as one big Linux innuendo. The story is available as nine individual images or one gigantic 680x4704px roll. Drums please.

The Linux sex life - An illustrated story

Without further ado, here you go:

Love begins

Six months later 1

Six months later 2

Six months later 3

Back with old mistress

Six months later 4

Six months later 5

Six months later 6

Forever alone

And now, the entire story as one big, sweet poster:

Strip roll

Credits go to for the Forever Alone image part.

And that would be all. I truly hope you like this. Now, the real challenge is, how many would-be jokes did you see in the subtext? Can you find them all? Enjoy and spread the word. Version 2.0 of the Great Linux World Map is coming soon, too!

Of course, if you think this strip can be IMPROVED, please send your ideas!

Another major winning! Dedoimedo out!

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