Dedoimedo at LinuxCon & CloudOpen 2015!

Updated: October 12, 2015

Once again, you may have noticed a certain dose of quietness on Dedoimedo in the last week. For a good reason, because I was away in Dublin, Ireland, attending LinuxCon and its co-located sister events. Presenting. On OpenStack. Yay.

So let me tell you a few more details on how it all went. Should be interesting, I guess, especially some of the camera footage. Anyhow, if you care for one-man's retelling of the Three Days of the Condor, I mean Mordor, I mean Dublin, oh so witty I am, then please, keep on reading this lovely article. Right on.

Come together, right now

The event took place in the Convention Centre, notice the spelling, in the city's finance district, where buildings rise high and contain a high percentage of glass in their facade. Like the last year, thousands flocked to the conference, including many an American. Linus was there too, but this time I did not ask him for a photo. I did have a breakfast next to him in the hotel brasserie - that's like ausfahrt and einbahnstrasse, it's everywhere. I hope that counts.


This photo has nothing to do with the conference, but why not.

Convention Centre

Unlike Dusseldorf, the organization was slightly less efficient. There was no on-site catering, and the people had to go out and pay for food. How capitalistic. Coffee was also less than ideal, but then, that's what you get in any English-speaking part of this world. On the first day, unfortunately, someone unrelated to the conference fell into the River Liffey, and the rescue services flocked to every bridge in the city. They even had a coast guard helicopter in the air, and there were boats patrolling the water.

River rescue, helicopter

Inside the Convention Centre, the conference started with a rather interesting session on algorithms running and controlling the financial trade markets. Skynet, anyone? It was followed by several other talks with more than a vague trace of veiled self-marketing. In general, most of the key notes came with a clear business message, which wasn't always well received by the jaded tech community.

To contrast the smooth talking, on Tuesday evening, there was a fireside chat between Linus and Dirk Hohndell, Intel's Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist. It was a simple, honest, no-nonsense talk. In his usual, non-PC way, Linus spoke his heart. When asked what he thinks about containers, his answer was, paraphrasing, meh. As simple as that. Boom. Headshot!


The focus of the conference was indeed on containers. Last year, OpenStack was all the rage, but in Dublin, the buzzwords revolved around anything that contained the word container, hihi. Plus the usual plethora of security, performance and some new products from some of the big guys. I myself went traditional and gave a 50 min session on OpenStack, titled Ansible is Sensible. Boom! Another headshot.

Dedoimedo presenting

I had an audience of about 75 people in a room with a designed capacity of 50, with no aircon. However, to my aid, I had a box of Lindt chocolates, for which I paid top dollar, and I handed them out to those willing to ask and respond to questions. And there was much rejoicing.

Merriment rang true and far in the session. I tried to keep it casual, bearing in mind the natural resistance of the Linux crowds to marketing, propaganda, advertising, and any big slogans. I also tried to be funny. In fact, after the presentation, someone did this little tweet. Reusing the picture with all the necessary credits and thanks to @lmoq.

Ansible is Sensible, funny slide

Evidence of chocolate perks to the left of the handsome presenter.

I think I was the only person tossing candy to willing participants, so this gave me a whole lot of street credit. And yes, like last year, I had people approach me and ask if I'm that crazy Dedoimedo guy. It's always awesome fun to meet fans. This year, I did no racing, though.

Overall, LinuxCon and CloudOpen Europe were quite successful. I liked the atmosphere, I liked the vibe. People were friendly, open, cheerful. The tech demo and booth area was also well attended, packed with goodies and smiles and fancy stuff. Sure, there's always a hidden message somewhere, but the teams did their best to be calm and patient and funny. If you ask me, the SUSE team had the funniest ensemble, just like yesteryear.


Another conference attended, another presentation delivered. Good stuff. LinuxCon did not disappoint, and it was everything I hoped the leading Linux event would be. A culmination of cooperation and innovation, brought together by our shared passion and curiosity. From the small guy to the big guy, the love is identical. We're equals.

Perhaps Linux might never take off into the double-digit numbers in the desktop space, but when you attend a conference like LinuxCon, you know it does not need to. The victory has long been won in the unsung halls of the Internet, behind the scenes, where all the magic takes place. You know there's something special in what we do, and it goes beyond the news drama and little numbers. Can't quite put a finger to it. An aroma, a presence, a cultural zeitgeist. LinuxCon 2015 report out. See you in 2016.