Dedoimedo at LinuxCon Europe!

Updated: October 27, 2014

Some of you may have noticed that I have been silent for about a week and a half in the middle of October, and the simple reason for that was, I was away, attending, and more importantly, presenting at LinuxCon in Dusseldorf, Germany. Yay.

Anyhow, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to give you a little spiel on how it all went and what happened there. After all, it's one of the more important if not the most important conference related to Linux, so this is a good opportunity to retell the event, first hand experience. Please follow me.

And so there we were all in one place

A generation lost in hex, with no time left to chroot again. Now, that's a horrible derivative of American Pie, but it might be funny to some, not. Anyhow, the conference as well as its three co-located events, CloudOpen, ELEC and KVM Forum all took place in the Congress Center in Dusseldorf, with roughly two thousand people attending.

The organization was quite spectacular. Combine German efficiency with elegance and style, tight schedule, good food, lots of promo booths and tons of free T shirts, and you get a very interesting affair. There were people from everywhere, including many private attendees, but also folks sent by their small and medium and large companies, to see and to be seen. I had the privilege of representing my own work place and doing two very neat presentations.


The first one was all about kernel crash analysis and automation, and there were some eighty people in the audience that day. A very nice, full-hour session. I threw candies at the brave souls asking questions. On Wednesday, the day after, and the last day of the conference, I held a second session to a smaller group of about fifteen people, on a topic that sounded less exciting on the big monitor, and thus elicited a lesser participation. It's about some new fancy metric for interactive productivity. I tossed candies again.

Dedoimedo presenting 1

Dedoimedo presenting 2

The real nice part was that several people approached me and said, hey I know you, you're that guy Dedoimedo. That was a real cool thing. I kind of expected it, but not really, so it was pretty nice to meet some of my fans in person and show them that I'm less of a lunatic than I appear to be. I also got to drive kickass cars on German autobahns, go to Spa in the neighboring Belgium for some racing, as well as ask Linus Torvalds to take a pic with me, which makes it all amazing and fun. Street credit. Many sequels. Much wow.

DedoimedoWith Linux Torvalds

Moreover, apart from the technical bits, the obvious interest in my work and a sort of a silent reverie that many of the attendees had for the big companies represented at the event, I also liked the calm and easygoing atmosphere. There was no bickering, no nerdy e-penis competitions, no weird people sniffing socks and stroking walls. If you thought that Linux was all about freeranging loonies, you're browsing the wrong kind of blogs. Looking back, it was darn awesome.


Well, there you go, a short kind of report. For some of you, this may sound or appear trivial, but there's value in meeting people from all corners of the world, discussing technology and listening to what they have to say. Yes, realistically, most of it is marketing and self promotion, but still, there are worthy ideas out there.

Being able to stand and present your own thoughts and projects adds to the aura of the event. Finally, talking to complete strangers about their work and passion, joined by the magic of time and place that suddenly starts and then just as suddenly adds in a random location on our planet makes it even more wondrous. Controlled chaos, just like our favorite operating system. Looking forward to the next year.