How to take screenshots on your Nokia phones

Updated: December 15, 2010

I've alluded to this functionality in my GPS tutorial, and now I'm gonna turn the hint into a reality. Believe it or not, your phone is a tiny computer running its own operating system, so the screenshot capture feature is nothing but an obvious, expected part of the overall repertoire. You take screenshots on your Windows and Linux machines, so why not do the same on a handheld device?


Taking screenshots on your phone may not be your top priority, especially if you're not writing any kind of tutorials, but if you do need it some day, you ought to know how to do it. Hence, me and my perfect guides.

Let's do this.

Install screenshot software

Step one, learn how to install software. We did that in the GPS tutorial. We also learned how to save bandwidth by downloading software on our PCs, free of charge and then syncing the packages to our phone either using the Nokia Ovi Suite or manually, connecting our phones as mass storage devices.

The program you want is called Screenshot for Symbian OS. The software is intended for smart phones running the Symbian operating system, which includes Nokia's E5X-9X series.


Select the package and install it. Once the program is installed, look for it in the Installation category. Open the program.

Start program

Under Options, you will have the option to active or deactivate the software. Furthermore, under Settings, you will be able to configure the screenshot mode, the image compression and file format and setup the shortcut key.


Unfortunately, due to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, I can't use Screenshot to capture screenshots of Screenshot, hence you will have to rely on my text instructions to get the job done.Basically, that's all! You now need to open any other program you like and take screenshots. It's no difference than using similar software on other operating systems.

Screenshot can also send captured images via mail or publish them directly to the Web. The program is extremely useful. In fact, I used it to capture my GPS tutorial images, which you enjoyed so much.

Sample 1Sample 2

Oh, as a bonus, here's my most awesome phone wallpaper:


If you don't know who that man is, never mind. If you do, chuckle subtly. The thing is, pretty much everybody has some kind of a cute yet badly choreographed picture depicting a favorite son, nephew or dog for their wallpaper, which is why I decided to be unique and go for the exact opposite, a rather random picture of a stranger.

And yes, that would be all.


This is a fairly simple, non-nonsense tutorial. Download software, install, enjoy. The most difficult part is getting the package installed. You can use your own phone network connectivity to go online, browse for the package and download it, but if you don't want to waste money, you can use your PC for that, but then you will have a few extra steps in your setup.

I hope you liked it, and if you have any requests, feel free to mail me.

In fact, if you want me to review all kinds of crazy gadgets that I don't really like, then you may start by offering me such products for free, as a gift and an incentive. There you go.


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