I accidentally openSUSE

Updated: December 12, 2015

Yes, I used this title before, when testing Nexenta. But it's so appropriate. Indeed, lemme ask you a question. How difficult is it for someone like Dedoimedo, a person who normally has anywhere between 20 and 50 images in a given distro review, to do one without a single image?

This is going to be the case with this little adventure here, I'm afraid, save for an odd teaser picture that does not fully reflect what happened. Plus some extra art just to keep you entertained. But the story is, I tried upgrading openSUSE 13.2, installed on my G50 test box, with the Plasma 5 desktop, and the end result wasn't very pretty. Not to worry, the full Leap review is coming soon. Consider the two unrelated.


What happened

As you know, I really love the openSUSE theme. And I really love Plasma 5. Imagine the two combined. My first warning light should have been the lack of many such reviews and guides online, the convoluted repo instructions, and the outdated information. But I plowed on boldly, ignoring the reality. No links, on purpose.

After typing a few commands in a terminal window and furiously hitting the Y button to make quick progress through the upgrade procedure, I logged out, and then logged back into the desktop. Only instead of Plasma, or even KDE4, I had an ancient monstrosity, one of them environments that has WM in it, which means 1994 and rad, and it was as usable as pineapple during winter in the Arctic circle.

Of course, I did not have networking any longer, so even trying to fix the problem meant going live CD. At this point, I thought trying openSUSE Tumbleweed would be a good idea, but the distro wouldn't boot in the UEFI mode. Having already slaughtered one distro for the day, I thought it would be a smart idea to pause, reflect, and write this article.

Yes, it was a total and utter fiasco. I ruined the distro beyond repair trying to do something innocent and even desired, and this procedure had largely worked quite well for me in the past. Which means that openSUSE is a closely tailored product, and it does not take lightly to makeover attempts. You have been warned. Here are two totally random images from my personal collection.

Random picture 1

Random picture 2


I am sorry for this silly article. But it is important. Just as important as my other failures over the years. They teach as much as image-rich guides and prosaic, finely worded reviews, albeit with much less beauty and style. The moral of the story is, as you may have guessed already, DON'T DO IT. Wait for openSUSE to gets its due major and minor version increment and come around with Plasma 5 natively and a suave, integrated Gecko or Chameleon theme, as it just recently did.

At this point, thinking in retrospect, I probably should have used BTRFS, and this might have given me the necessary snapshot to go back in time and undo the damage. Maybe. Furthermore, I am disappointed with the SUSE team. They should protect their system a little more robustly from aesthetic escapades. All I did was install a bunch of packages and let the system remove some of the conflicting dependencies with the previously installed desktop environment. Not something we should let happen in 2015. Food for thought. As for Plasma on openSUSE, I owe you that one. Leap 42.1. Very soon. Take care.


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