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Updated: December 21, 2009

Being a man of science myself, I am always in pursuit after new ideas and technologies. The Internet has really made this quest easier than ever before. Still, finding high-quality portals of science is not an easy thing. There are many science websites out there, but just like with any other category, you will dismiss most after a fleeting glance, while a select few will draw you in and make you stay.

Finding the right ones takes time and luck - and chance visits to Dedoimedo, where you will find solutions and answers to everything. In this article, I will make the science quest a little easier. If you like science and like reading, then here's a selection of interesting, science-related online sources that you should find useful, enlightening and fun.

Recommended music while reading: She blinded me with science, by Thomas Dolby.

Improbable Research



Improbable Research is a website dedicated to research that makes people laugh and then think. If you think something is bizarre, odd, improbable, futile, irrelevant, and yet scientific, there's a chance you will read about it on Improbable Research. Whether you're talking about identifying insect splats on the car windshield or analytically determining why pregnant women don't tip over, you'll find it on Improbable Research.

The website also issues the Annals of Improbable Research (AIR) bi-monthly magazine, which costs money to subscribe to, but is definitely worth it, and mini-AIR, which is a smaller but free edition of the monthly newsletter.

Furthermore, Improbable Research is home to the Ig Noble Prizes, which are intended to celebrate the unusual, and imaginative research achievements and spur people's interest in science, medicine and technology. And like everything else on, the Ig Noble Prizes make people laugh first - and then make them think!

New Scientist


New scientist

New Scientist is a website that reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavor set in the context of society and culture. The website features a rich and balanced repertoire of in-depth articles, with good pace, captivating images and fascinating facts. There are also videos available and you can follow the blog.

If you're looking for the latest scientific discoveries, with a social spin and breathtaking rhythm, New Scientist is a great place to visit.




Futurity delivers you news about the latest research from leading universities in the world. The site offers you articles on a wide range of topics, including Earth & Environment, Health & Medicine, Science & Design, and Society & Culture.

You will easily find yourself clicking on the links, your attention drawn by catchy titles and soon engrossed in truly amazing scientific issues that swirl around us, in every aspect of our life, even seemingly innocent stuff like showerhead hygiene and elephant love.

Special sub-category

As a great Hillbilly physicist, I'm always impressed and touched when I stumble upon a fellow scientist with the rationale like mine. Well, over at, there's one such mind lurking and posting articles, written with all the posh and style you can squeeze from the LaTeX language.

So if you're interested, you may want to read A Unified Theory of Superman (PDF), by Ben Tippett, which examines the manifestation of Superman's super powers. The article is a blast, which is why it earned a sub-category of its own.

Thanks to Plurk for discovering this one!

Other sources

There are a million sources available, starting with the rather obvious Popular Science, Nature, NASA Science, and other big names, which is why I chose to only mention them briefly rather than write in great extent, since everyone knows about those.

My goal was to expose you to less common choices, which should nevertheless intrigue and entertain you.

Now, that being said, here's a long list of many other sources that you should visit, including the stars and aspiring starlets, in no particular order:

Popular Science


Scientific American


MIT Technology Review

Discovery Channel

Of course, you may also want to visit my Greatest sites page, where you will find several more top candidates for scientific fun. We're talking scientific anomalies, world-end scenarios, how stuff works [sic], math wonders, how to build a balancing scooter, and more.

Last but not the least, do not forget my Hillbilly physics section!



There you go, not much, but we're talking quality here, not quantity. Even if you are semi-serious about science and read just a single article a day, the three main sources, plus the accompanying lot will keep you busy for years. And you will love it.

If you have other great sites you would like to suggest, feel free to email me. Meanwhile, enjoy the marvels of scientific discovery.

I will write several sequels to this article: 1) a fresh review of scientific computation software and 2) a review of science-oriented Linux distribution(s), with programs and utilities dedicated to students and researchers. 3) yet more fine websites.

Till then, stay tuned.