The Slimbook is dead, long live the Slimbook

Updated: June 27, 2023

A couple of days ago, I was merrily typing on my Slimbook Pro2, when I suddenly discovered that the laptop be a-rockin'. For some reason, the typing surface wasn't flat. One of the laptop's corner was perching ever so slightly in the air, and my typing would cause the case to wobble. So I thought, ha, this desk ain't the best.

But then, I noticed that the case was actually warped. The entire left side was thicker than the right side, and the abnormality was slowly, but steadily growing. I figured that my laptop's battery was bulging! As I've already told you in my recent Slimbook & Kubuntu 22.04 upgrade article, I was worried the battery may cause problems down the road. It did, and much sooner than I expected, and in a more destructive way than I'd have liked. As one does with devices with Lithium-ion batteries, I let it drain and powered the machine off. And then went searching for a replacement.

Pro2 battery warp

That's not a fisheye lens effect, that's a bloated case.

Did someone say Slimbook Executive?

The situation is as follows: I need a laptop for everyday productivity (not a beefy gaming rig, mind), something around 14 inches, reasonable processor, okay dollop of RAM, integrated graphics, and some fine storage. In essence, a successor to the Pro2. So I thought, having been mightily happy with the Pro2, I should explore the laptop range over at Slimbook. Indeed, I quickly narrowed the choice down to either the Executive or ProX, both of which seem to cater to a similar audience, business-cum-casual users with lightweight devices that can do most stuff, except heavy-duty graphics.

In the end, I decided that the Executive is probably a better choice, despite the higher price tag. I could be wrong, but hey! I opted for the 14-inch model. The final spec includes i7-12700H processor with a rather unusual number of cores (14), Iris X 4K graphics, 2880x1800px 90Hz screen, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB NVMe storage, and no operating system. Tally? Just a bit above 1,500 Euros including shipping.

Executive, promotional image

This is a promotional image from Slimbook. Mine ought to be ready in a couple of weeks.

Now, all that is left is to wait for the device to be assembled, tested and shipped. Hopefully, this time, there won't be any problems like with the Titan. But I ought to have a nice, new, solid productivity system in my hands soonish, and that means a plenty of fresh reviews, too.

What about the Pro2?

Good question (because I asked it). First, I absolutely hate the modern trend of non-removable, or at least not-easily-removable batteries. This complicates things unnecessarily. I pinged the Slimbook team, and they did provide me with instructions on how to open the case and hopefully remove the faulty battery. But it should have been a three-second job, and I'd never be in this situation to begin with, if the machine had a removable battery.

Case warp, more

Here you can see the actual case warp in a bit more detail. Compare the left and right side.

Throwing it away would be a waste, because it is a perfectly usable system. With just a couple of months shy of its fifth birthday, I'd expect it to remain viable for at least that long. So I'd like to see if I can change the juicer. The case warping cannot be easily remedied, but it's not that bad. The new battery will cost me around 150 Euros, more or less, but I'll wait until I've received the Executive before dabbling. BTW, if you have any suggestions, please let me know, hardware, software or assembly wise.


This be a short article for now, but I'll save the details for when the laptop actually arrives. I am happy to have bought myself a new toy, but the impetus for the purchase wasn't really a happy one, so I don't have this amazing, giddy feeling bubbling inside me. I also didn't spend a great deal of time reading reviews and comparing products, one because I like and know Slimbook's offerings, and two because I didn't think I'd come to any wiser conclusion than the one I already have. Linux-friendly systems are all much alike, they do cost a bit more than the generic off-the-shelf Windows-powered system, but hey.

Well, now we shall wait. I do have a question for you though, if you feel like sending an old-fashioned email. Do you think I ought to re-use all of the Slimbook Pro2's user settings and desktop configurations, or simply start fresh, create a brand new setup, and then just copy the actual user data? If you have an idea or a suggestion, feel free to ping me. Stay tuned for updates.