Ubuntu Edge - And it could be yours!

Updated: July 24, 2013

Hello guys. You all remember I have started my Ubuntu smartphone contest several months back, right. Well, things are moving forward. Just a day back, Canonical announced their aggressive crowdsourcing campaign for Ubuntu Edge, the future concept for their smartphone device.

Even though I was disappointed with the latest Ringtail release, I think I have a sound business acumen, and Mark Shuttleworth is a smart man, so this might turn out to be a very good idea. Now, what about you, and the contest? Indeed, I have already pledged myself to the campaign, and ordered the first device, for YOU. Do read on.


Details and such

Yes, I have already pledged USD830 for a Ubuntu Edge phone. And I pledged this one for the future lucky winner of the content, not myself, for YOU, that's how awesome and benevolent I am, guys. I will get my own device pledge in a couple of days or so.

Ubuntu Edge pledge

So, in return for a tiny investment of buying one of my books, or both, and writing a couple of honest reviews, you have a good chance of winning a very pricey, very high-end phone. Not a hundred dollar low-end device. More like almost an almost thousand dollar top of the range device! Do you know anyone other than Dedoimedo who offers such a deal? You should wanna marry me. Anyhow, books, phone, hint, hint.

The Betrayed The Broken

That's all lads, a friendly reminder. The competition will run till the end of this year, so this is your chance for a splendid, expensive gadget. Not even your mom and dad love you so. And you will be among the first few people in the world to own and use this smartphone.

The Edge campaign might not succeed, and the actual shipping date might slip past May 2014, the estimated release of the Ubuntu smartphone, but my contest firmly stands. You will get your pricey device, and be a pioneer in the geek crowd. Finally, remember, the more of you decide to participate, the more benevolent I might get. So we might end up with additional smartphones in this lottery, it's all up to you. Enjoy, and spread the word, dear fellas.