Windows 8 installation video guide

Updated: October 6, 2012

Hold the line, Dedoimedo is always on time. Toto, right? Anyhow, today, I am going to do the most spectacular, most unusual thing, which is to offer you a video clip showcasing the installation of an operating system. Never done that before. A revolution.

You will be most surprised by the content of the video clip, as it features Windows 8, an operating system that does not deserve to be installed and used. And yet, due to massive popular demand, I felt somewhat compelled to give you a quick presentation of the necessary steps needed to enjoy your computer. Therefore, without much further ado, please follow me. One last word, even if you are a Linux user, this article is a must. You will see. Trust me.

Video guide

The clip is available on Youtube. You can watch it embedded here, or follow the link. Please, I beg you, do not be lazy, do not skip, and most importantly, watch till the very end, till the last second on the counter. And once again, no matter if you're using Linux, the tutorial will be most useful for you, as well.

There you go. Original footage, excellent music, all in all, a feast for the eyes and ears, yours. I am utterly convinced you have not expected such quality, such wit, such humor, and yet, so much useful, valuable information, all at the same time. Dedoimedo does not disappoint, with yet another stellar guide.


Windows users, are you happy? Linux users, are you happy? I knew you would be. This is probably the best video clip you've watched in a long time. And if you happen to have liked it, I would appreciate if you could share and spread the word. It is not easy conveying the simple message included in the video, but I hope you'll manage.

There we go. Have fun. And soon, I will teach you how I created that guide.

P.S. For the thick-headed, do NOT take this seriously, guys!


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