Game reviews

This section is dedicated to PC game reviews - timeless, legendary titles that define the era in which they were made; to name a few - UFO: Enemy Unknown, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, Caesar III, Age of Empires II, Operation Flashpoint, SimCity 4, GTA Vice City, Max Payne ... plus an odd, stray, less awesome entry here and there. Entirely subjective, of course. In addition to long, detailed articles full of pretty pictures, you will also find game mods, usage, configuration and troubleshooting guides, as well as a scattering of links to (hopefully funny) video reviews. Most of the stuff is Windows-based. I also maintain separate sections for Linux gaming and old (DOS) games.

A few select, recommended articles are shown as thumbnail previews just underneath this paragraph. A full listing of published articles is available farther below.