BeamNG & steering wheel throttle and brake stuck on/off

Updated: December 4, 2023

I recently encountered a weird issue. I connected my G27 steering wheel & pedals set to a gaming machine, with the intention of playing BeamNG. I configured the controls. Then, all of a sudden, I realized I couldn't drive any car. If I pressed the throttle, the car would rev to the max and never stop revving. If I pressed the brake, the car would engage the brake and never let go. I ended up in a situation where I couldn't even do anything meaningful except burn rubber without moving. Hint: things worked perfectly in the past.

It took me a lot of trial and error and frustration to figure it out. There was nothing online that helped. The official guide was not useful, various forums offered nothing meaningful. Then, I realized that, for some reason, the game treated my throttle+brake as a single entity (despite them being two separate pedals), and from then on, it was a simple question of calibration. Let me explain in more detail.


Pedal range calibration

First, assign the controls. Click the Throttle, assign the right pedal. Depress it once. Repeat the same for the brake. You should see YAXIS assigned to both of the controls. Then, to recalibrate, click on each of these separately.

YAXIS configuration



And that's it. Now your pedals should behave. As you can see above, BeamNG thinks the same control is assigned to both pedals, but you can clearly see the Combined Throttle&Brake is not assigned. Therefore, you need to "split" the control range between the two. You can also play with the linearity and such, but that's just sweet perks. Test, drive, have fun!

Fun driving


I'm not sure what went wrong or when, but one of the updates seems to have messed up my G27 steering wheel, because everything was peachy for a long while. This was a rather unexpected and frustrating little incident. I wanted to play and then ended up wasting time playing at being a system administrator. Not the fun that I expected. Also, it's very hard to concentrate debugging when you can hear the throttle revving and the tires squealing (because the game does not stop running when you switch into the options menu).

Anyway, my solution is for the G27 set. You may have a different steering wheel & pedals combo, but it could be you're having the same issue for the exact same reason. Try configuring the two response ranges so they don't overlap. Typically, this will mean setting the deadzone to 50% for both, and inverting one of the axes. That would be all. Now, let's enjoy some physically accurate metal deformation together. Vroom.