Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Important update

Updated: May 18, 2011

If you have read my namesake review, then you know I dubbed the game a 12GB arcade. Modern Warfare is the kind of game you play once and then shelf away forever. While the graphics quality is impressive, the gameplay is cheesy and ridiculously simple. Totally scripted, wrapped in a wad of cheesy moments and total cliches, the game delivers an underwhelming combat experience to first person shooters.

Well, at least, that was my impression. You are welcome to disagree. You should not, since I'm right, but since tastes vary, it is quite likely that you may find my review a bit harsh or even annoying. Well, that's called Internet democracy and everyone's the prime minister. Not bad and I would have forgotten all about Call of Duty if not for a tactfully phrased reminded sent to me via the wires.


What happened?

Poetically speaking, someone told me thus:

Your [sic] noob. You probably suck at the game, so that's why you didn't like it. If you were any good, you would know that COD kicks ass. It's a very realistic game.

Ah, I see. A very realistic game. Well, here's my answer to that.


The perfect game for senior citizens

My father, who is 63 years old, likes to play first person shooters. Operation Flashpoint is a bit too difficult for him, but like any guy, he's a great fan of digital violence. He's masterfully finished all of Delta Force games and recently has been looking for a new title that caters to his skill and age. I was unable to find one, but after playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, I was truly convinced that this is indeed the right game for him.

I was right. He loves the game. In fact, he COMPLETED the campaign in just under two weeks, without any cheats or help. It plays nicely on his spank new i7 gaming rig, so in addition to pwning, he also enjoyed all of the pretty colors and sounds.


So, the perfect game for senior citizens, amirite?

Now, there are several possible explanations to this: 1) my father could be a very talented gamer, age notwithstanding 2) the game could be ridiculously easy 3) both 4) something else.

Well, point 1 stands to reason. Since I'm vastly talented, it is safe to assume that some of my genius is hereditary. It is also very interesting to note that he's a jolly good gamer, even though he was born long before computers were a household commodity, so it's almost a case of anticipatory (like the scheduler) gaming.

Point 2 is obvious. Modern Warfare 2 plays like a movie. It's shiny and great fun, but it's completely scripted and very easy to follow. If you are looking for a serious challenge and a high level of realism, you will be disappointed, but if you are not after fragrate and only wish to enjoy yourselves, then it's an excellent choice.



So, while this article is a sort of an anti-review, just like my first piece, it has a positive side, too. My dad is going to buy himself Call of Duty: Black Ops. Thus, the company earns more money from a happy buyer, even if the end result is totally unintended. Yes, it's weird logic, but that's how it works.

My warn recommendation to sons worldwide - if your dads like to shoot, but don't have the finger speed for bunnyhoppers like Counterstrike, then you may want to buy them one of the Call of Duty games. They are sure going to enjoy them. Slow, easy, predictable, the perfect kind of game for senior citizens.

Commence pwnage!