How to fix DayZ BattlEye update failure - guide

Updated: February 4, 2013

After reading my DayZ review and watching my Kubrick-style HD videos on the topic, you are now addicted to the game and you want more. But you've hit a snag. Every time you connect to a server, you get a warning that your BattlEye client could not connect, it fails, and you get kicked out. Not what you had in mind.

This short article will teach you how to manually update your anti-cheat software so that you can log into DayZ servers and have fun playing and fooling around and making yourself rather afraid. The fix is very simple, so let's get going.



Textually, your error message, shown in red in the left bottom corner of your screen will read something like the following text - the exact versions and details may be ever so slightly different:

BattlEye Client: initialized (v1.164.)
BattlEye Client: Server Requiring v 1.167. Updating...
BattlEye Client: Could not connect to BE Master
BattlEye Client: update attempt failed

The thing is, you have a proper working Internet connection, so it's not the matter of firewall rules, router settings, or anything else. You have successfully gamed before, including ArmA II, so the problem really stumps you.


What you need to do is manually download BattlEye software. It comes in the form of two DLL, which you will need to place into your ArmA II folder and replace the existing, outdated versions. The two required files are called BEClient.dll and BEServer.dll. They need to be placed into the Expansion\BattlEye folder. For example, a typical full path might be something like:

E:\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\Expansion\BattlEye

BattlEye files

And that is really all you need to do.


Here's a quick, short tutorial. But it teaches the necessary dose of geek and leet. Internal game updates may sometimes fail for a variety of reasons. You do not need to instantly, automatically blame your operational setup. The problem may reside with the software or remote servers. What you can do to mitigate such issues is to attempt to try to fix the problem. It may work.

In this case, the solution is very simple. You need to manually download two files from the official website and place them into the relevant folder of your ArmA II installation. The next time you start the game and launch the mod, you will be up to date, and then you can start enjoying this fabulous expansion pack in earnest. That would be all. Now go kill some zombies.

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