Reviving old games

In this section, you will find explanations, tweaks and hacks needed to make it possible to play outdated games that are no longer supported by modern operating systems (mainly Windows). You will learn about DOS emulation, virtualization, seting up multiplayer games over serial and IPX, the best places to buy DOS games, plus you'll get a handful of short reviews of some of the most legendary games from the DOS era.

Hopefully, these articles will help you enjoy your favorite oldies again. For any DOS-fan, this section is an absolute MUST.

You may call it Nostalgia Reincarnate.


15 years later, Age of Empires still rocks
updated May 28, 2015

Leisure Suit Larry - A sweet classic
updated February 5, 2011

DOSBox simplified: D-Fend Reloaded
updated January 24, 2011

GOG is selling DOS games!
updated October 11, 2010

Games resurrected using DOSBox - Part 3
updated August 21, 2010

Caesar III on Windows 7
updated August 14, 2010

How to play OpenTTD without original TTD data files
updated April 2, 2010

Little Big Adventure on Windows XP
updated March 9, 2009

Enjoying multiplayer games on LAN in DOSBox - Serial
updated April 23, 2008

Enjoying multiplayer games on LAN in DOSBox - IPX
updated April 12, 2008

Games resurrected using DOSBox - Part 2
updated July 24, 2007

Games resurrected using DOSBox - Part 1
updated February 10, 2007

DOSBox - DOS is back!
updated September 4, 2006

(Open) Transport Tycoon Deluxe
updated July 28, 2006

Caesar III
updated July 21, 2006

Would you like to run DOS applications again?
updated June 29, 2006

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