Steam, Proton, Command & Conquer: Red Alert works great

Updated: July 20, 2023

Several months ago, I purchased myself a new laptop, a Slimbook Titan, and it runs Kubuntu 22.04 LTS as its only operating system. The main purpose of this machine is to make sure I can switch away from Windows for good. The estimated time for this change is around 2025, when Windows 10 goes EOL. I've had enough with ads, online accounts and all that associated nonsense. So Linux.

But in order for me to Linux full time, Linux must be able to give me what I need. And if you look at the Slimbook Titan adventure, things are going great. In particular, I'm having a lot of fun and success in getting all of my important software and games to run, without any problems. Just recently, I tested GTA: Vice City, ArmA 3, and Wreckfest. Excellent results. Now, I'm going to talk about Command & Conquer. Acknowledged.


How to install Command & Conquer: Red Alert? EZPZ!

The process is even simpler than what I had to do with either Vice City or ArmA 3, for instance. I simply installed the game (as I set the entire Steam catalog library to use Proton), and that's it. This title supports cloud saves (in Steam), so you get all of your games save right there, without any manual copying. In my case, it was mostly a long list of skirmishes, but still.



Everything worked as it should, graphics, sounds, whatnot. The only difference compared to the Windows version is the font type used in-game. Windows uses more "rounded" fonts, while on Linux, the game uses these semi-futuristic, squarish fonts, which you can see above. In fact, for comparison:

Windows font

Linux font


There we go. Another fantastic game, another classic nailed. Now, you might say, this article is too silly, there's no reason for it. Oh, but there is. I want to spread awareness that Linux gaming is becoming more and more of a reality, every day. After all, I've been waiting, what, only about 15 years for this happen. Now that we have Proton, things are going the right way. I'm that much closer to my objective.

So, if you're a fan of hardcore RTS, then Command & Conquer: Red Alert should be one of your top choices. Perhaps one day, we'll see RA2 and Yuri re-released. Until then, if you want to read more about my endeavors with Kubuntu, Steam, Proton and various game titles, including how to import old game saves, settings and other data from your Windows installation, please check my Linux gaming section. See you around, and stay tuned for more lovely game updates.