Game under Proton crashes when taking a screenshot - Fix

Updated: February 21, 2024

I just realized I promised a great deal with this title. A fix to a seemingly generic problem. You may come away disappointed. But let's see. Okay, so as you know I'm migrating away from Windows. It's a multi-year journey, and the bulk of it focuses around games.

So far, the adventure has been going great. Better than expected. Excellent results all around, including phenomenal game support compatibility using the Proton layer. With Steam, I have more or less been able to play every single title I've thrown at it, seamlessly. With tiny exceptions, of course. Recently, I encountered an issue playing Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator (UEBS) 2. Namely, if I try to take a game screenshot, with F12, it simply crashes. Let's explore.

Sound related, it seems

First, this would be the first Proton-related article where I show you how to fix an issue in a game before having reviewed the said game. Now, I intend to do that. In the coming weeks, you shall see a review of UEBS 2 proper. Until then, we shall just assume the game is cool and worth playing.

Anyway, TL;DR: I was able to get UEBS 2 running just fine. It works pretty well save the one thing - screenshots. For some reason, this action triggers a crash. A reproducible error. And the problem does sound somewhat similar to what I encountered with Workers & Resources. There, while not crashing per se, under certain circumstances, the game would emit weird "static" noise instead of expected sound and music.

I was able to resolve that issue by adding a DLL override to the game launch options. It would seem the sound direction is a prudent first choice for UEBS 2, as well. Let's explore that further.

Disable screenshot sound

I spent a couple of long days reading logs, trawling the Steam forums, trying to figure out what gives. Focusing on the sound as the primary suspect, I tried a simple experiment. I turned the volume off on my Kubuntu machine, and UEBS 2 didn't crash when I took a screenshot this time. Aha! Playing without sound is no fun, though.

Luckily, Steam lets you disable screenshot sound. The shutter slash camera flash capacitors charging whine sound can be turned off. Open Steam Settings. Select In Game in the side bar. Then, in the right pane, toggle off the "When a screenshot is taken, play a sound" option.

Turn screenshot sound off

I started UEBS 2 afresh, and it ran fine. No crashes anymore. I'd suggest you try the same thing with whatever game is affected by the same phenomenon. My assumption is that this is a transient problem, and will be gone in a future Proton update, but for now, you have a workaround.

UEBS 2 running


There we go. This is a short, trivial tutorial in a way. But hopefully, it delivers on its promise. If you have a Windows-only title running on your Linux box through Proton under Steam, and that game happens to crash whenever you take a screenshot (F12), try the workaround. Disable the screenshot sound. This just may fix the problem for you.

So, another article, another obstacle overcome. Recently, I've shown you how to play, too. Solid results. My list is almost complete. Now, I need to invest a couple of hours and try UEBS 2 in earnest. Seems like a fun simulator, so I shall be explore that and report back. And we're done here, for now.