Best cars in Wreckfest

Updated: November 13, 2023

Back in the 90s, an amazing game came out. It was called Carmageddon, and it was everything a growing boy could want. Speed, destruction, stupid fun. Fast forward to mid 2010s, and you reminisce on the good ole days of the DOS era, and you wish there still was a nice destruction derby game available to play on your PC, sort of a modern version of Carmageddon. Well, there is! It's called Wreckfest, and it's everything a grown boy could want.

The moment I tried the game, albeit belatedly, I was hooked. Since, I've done everything the game allows. Completed all of the careers, reached level 100, racked some 15 million experience points, earned more than one million of unspent credit, gained more than 1.5 million Tournament points, bought all of the available vehicles, and then some. Now, I want to tell you which cars are best to drive in Wreckfest. Follow me.


Best entry level car: Tristar

Early on in your destruction driving career, you won't be able to buy all of the existing cars. Some will be locked (until you reach a certain level), some too expensive, others only made available upon completion of specific career missions. But early on, you can buy Tristar (first as a C level car, later upgradeable to A level). While it's a relatively humble model, it's fantastic.

The driving is linear and predictable. Tristar is light and agile, it turns well, the rear end rarely slips, and if you weigh it with a heavy crash bumper, you will have both more traction on dusty rally tracks and even greater control when cornering slash drifting. The engine noise is also sweet. Even as you progress in the game and make money, Tristar will still remain a respectable all-around car, capable of holding its own against much more potent foes.

Tristar 1

Tristar 2

Best intermediate car: Warwagon

If you're looking for the most placid model in the game, it's Warwagon. The car has a very long wheel base, which makes it capable of swallowing undulations on rough surfaces, and its front and rear end are well balanced, meaning no nose dives and no tailfishing. It's pretty robust, so you can use it for crash derbies, too. I think it has the most pleasant driving manners, it always responds well to inputs, and will never surprise you, for the worst that is. Fully armored, it's the best B class car, and even as an A class, it can reach high speeds and keep pace with more racing-pure models. Its only downside is relatively tame acceleration, but it compensates with impeccable behavior through any event.

Warwagon 1

Warwagon 2

Best crasher: Gatecrasher!

If you're looking for the one car that can dish out and withstand immense punishment, it's Gatecrasher. Remarkably, you can get it relatively early on in the game, but you're guaranteed to keep it and use it frequently. Fully armored, it notches 7.9 on Wreckfest's strength scale, ahead of Warwagon, Limo or Hearse, which top out at 7.6. While Limo is heavier, it's also slower and more ungainly, so overall, you're better off with Gatecrasher if you feel like compacting steel. In other words, it has the perfect combo of weight, strength and maneuverability, making it ideal for wrecking competitions.

I prefer Gatecrasher over any one of the trucks or buses, too. The big vehicles are significantly heavier, so they hit harder, but they are also more fragile and slower to accelerate, both qualities which again give Gatecrasher a distinct edge. Finally, you can also use it for racing, because it's quite fast and stable. Kitted out with the roll cage and bumpers and whatnot, it's unstoppable. There's very little chance anyone will be able to pit or push you out on a narrow offroad track. If you want to steamroll like a champ, this should be your preferred choice.

Gatecrasher 1

Gatecrasher 2

Best for breaking lap records: Hammerhead RS

Hammerhead RS is a special vehicle available for purchase in the Tournament Store for 70,000 fame points. It looks like a Volvo, and it behaves like one. In other words, it's very nose-heavy, and it's not too maneuverable, but once you figure out its mechanics, you will be driving the best car in the game. How so? Well, by having amazing acceleration and excellent grip.

With Hammerhead RS, you will consistently have higher average speed going through corners, which is how you win races and break time records. It's not too fast, so you will often need to set its gear ratio to long to prevent maxing out on tracks with extended straights like say Espedalen. Likewise, you'll want stiff suspension almost everywhere, even on rally tracks, to cancel out the nose misdemeanors. But then, once this is in order, you will get a vehicle with a short braking distance, superb response, and no wasted traction. If you check the Leaderboards, most records have been set with it, on most trucks, and you will probably discover it's your record-breaker, too.

Hammerheard RS 1

Hammerhead RS 2

Best rally car: Raiden RS

There are many ways you can acquire cars in Wreckfest. Buy them for CR points earned simply by driving and having fun. Win them as part of your career progress. Play Tournament challenges, win fame, and then buy special cars from the Store, like say Hammerhead RS. And you can also buy them as DLC ...

Normally, I don't like the concept of DLC. Indeed, in Wreckfest, most of the DLC models are purely cosmetic. Yes, they all have their unique driving dynamics and whatnot, but they all somehow fall short of being better than standard vehicles you can get through the Career, Tournament, or just buy in the Garage. And that makes sense, because you don't want to be unfair to people who don't want or cannot spend money on extra cars. It would also turn the game into a pay-to-win thing, which is simply wrong.

But there are two DLC cars that are actually decent: Stellar and Raiden RS. The latter is a superb, lithe rally car. It's not too powerful or too fast, and it's also quite fragile. But its light weight lends it excellent agility, meaning short stopping distance, little to no inertia in turns, and ability to navigate twisty roads with almost arrow-like precision. Raiden won't break records on the likes of Motocity or Tribend, but it can top pretty much any other model on Vale Falls or Clayridge or Maasten. The engine noise is sublime, the rapid gear shifts utterly satisfying, the handing fantastic. It's simply a joy to play.

Raiden RS 1

Raiden RS 2

Honorable mentions: Rocket RX and Starbeast SS

Both these can be purchased in the Tournament Store for a hefty sum of points. What you get in turn is a couple of solid racing cars. Let's start with the Rocket. A pimped up version of the entry level model available early on in the game, this one comes with all the bells and whistles of a drifting-happy racer. Noisy, brash, not too precise, but fast and strong. If you focus, you might use it to set a record or two, or at the very least, train your reflexes.

Starbeast SS is meant to be the quintessential muscle car. It looks like one, sounds like one, drifts like one. It's tail-happy, likes to oversteer, and you always think it's slower than it actually is. However, it corners well and rather rapidly thanks to its wide axles and long wheel base. The acceleration is good but never bursty. The steering response is quite mild, the suspension forgiving, so you can compensate for its bulk and weight by always nailing the right line through corners, and perhaps even win a record or three. Starbeast SS is best suited for middle-length semi-twisty offroad tracks, in between Raiden's and Hammerhead's domains. It also sounds just as you'd expect. Angry and thundery.

Rocket RX 1

Starbeast SS 1


There you go. My list of what I think is the best set of fictional car models in a computer game that has the sole purpose of bringing you joy through wanton destruction and semi-arcade-ish racing fun. I don't even want to begin to imagine to pretend that Wreckfest is somehow a simulacrum of real-road driving, but there be some elements in there, truthful to the laws of physics, and if you put your mind to it, there can still be skill and precision and challenge in the effort. Perhaps you won't qualify for BTCC after driving Hammerhead RS, but you might improve your own in-game driving, sharpen your responses, and notch a second or two off your lap time, which can be utterly satisfying, even if not quite as realistic as some other car simulators.

Indeed, if you embrace Wreckfest for what it is, then you will have tons of fun. And then, you need to choose the best way to tackle the challenge of the day. Or rather, the best vehicle. For me, the short list above qualifies as the top selection. Feel like going wild sideways? Starbeast SS. Wanna break a lap time record? Hammerhead RS. You're not in the mood for any big surprises? Warwagon. Well, you get the idea. Hopefully, this article will make you appreciate Wreckfest even more, or at the very least, make you consider this exceptionally entertaining fun-and-violence title. See you around.