Dedoimedo crosses the million pageview mark!

Updated: April 26, 2012

It happened, just a few days ago. Dedoimedo has crossed the magical threshold of one million monthly pageviews, as registered by the server's urchin. Now I'm in the big league and no longer need to impress me wife by washing dishes before uploading new articles. But there it is, 1,000,000 views. Yippie.

In fact, the threshold was crossed some time before, but I wanted to be sure. In fact, the server urchin did flake on two days in the last month, counting only about half the actual traffic on those two days, so the real figure is even larger. Anyhow, join me for a micro-celebration and a quick tour of Dedoimedo's audience statistics. Let's see what those millions pages really are.


Some statistics

So here we are, the urchin numbers. Here's the graph first. Notice that on April 3 and April 22, the urchin counted only about 15-18K pageviews, where in fact there were approx. twice that. Hint, cross-reference with Google analytics. So the actual figure is higher than 1.001M as shown below. Smiley me.

Pageview graph

And the drill down. It also shows the top pages loaded in the past month, all software related. The RSS feed leads the board with 275K loads, followed by the homepage and then the two lovely GRUB tutorials. The one surprising thing is, Google Analytics show a higher count for the bootloader articles but a lower one for homepage, so it's interesting to see the difference in the counting algorithms. In this regard, the server just counts page loads, regardless of when and how, so I tend to take it as more accurate.


Now, Dedoimedo audience tends to be immensely geeky. Approx. 25% of my readers block Javascript, and there are twice that many who block ads. Windows seems to be the most popular operating system, at 56%, followed by Linux, at almost 34%. Given the overall mythical 1% market share, this means that Linux users are approx. 34 times more likely to land at Dedoimedo than elsewhere. Firefox is in the lead for browsers, at 46%, followed by Chrome, at 32%. Internet Explorer takes only 10% share. Last year, it was around 13%.

OS choice

Browser choice

More cool facts

Most of the traffic is driven by search, almost 70%, which does not come as a surprise as most of my tutorials almost always feature in the top five of online engine searches. About 5% are referrals, and some 25% non-RSS traffic belongs to loyal returning visitors. Most people read only about 1.5 pages during their visits. So the bulk of the roughly 750K non-RSS pageviews comes from a very respectable audience of 400,000-450,000 visitors. On average, some 70-80 people are using the site every minute.

There are approx. 8,000 people reading the feed, of which some 1,500 are Feed Burner readers. Dedoimedo monthly bandwidth usage is around 400GB, although I've seen it spike up to 0.5TB. Average load time is around four seconds, mostly due to the abundance of images that you so much love, as they enrich the tutorials and reviews and make them best ones out there. Not so humble, am I?

Feed Reader


Nothing too big, I'm happy. And so should you be. In fact, I still recall a moment in the summer of 2008, when I took a screenshot of my Google Analytics account, as it showed a particularly good day with some 300 pageviews. Fast-forward three years, we're at 100x more. And growing. Without social networking, comments and almost all one-page articles, using a simple HTML layout. Content is the king, I guess.

Well, there you go. 'Tis a day of celebration today. See you around!

P.S. The fireworks image is in public domain.