Dr. von Kackensprecher gives advice!

Dr. Karl Ludwig von Kackensprecher is a renown international guru of psychology, philosophy, sociology, and quasi-cultural pseudo-behaviors. He holds multiple degrees (MD, PhD, PMS, RoFL) in seven fields of natural sciences, including BS, paranormal anomalies, Yuni's impersonation syndrome, and more. He's one of the most respected world's specialists on all matters of life.

Astounded by the immense popularity of this website, Dr. von Kackensprecher has decided to accept our invitation and host a little corner of his own. In these pages, Dr. von Kackensprecher will try to answer some of the letters we get from our fans all over the world and give advice to their troubles. Most often, our worried readers have already tried seeking help with tens of other specialists, to no avail, and are now hoping the world's sharpest mind will be able to solve their problems. Be warned, you should never take Dr. von Kackensprecher's advice lightly!