I am going to publish a book - and I need your help!

Updated: July 16, 2011

Dear readers, heads up. I have written a fantasy genre book called The Betrayed, the first in a series. Toward the end of this year, the book will be published on Amazon, including paperback and Kindle editions. The book series will also have its dedicated website, which I'm currently building. It will be fan-oriented, and it will allow comments, sharing and more. But before we get there, I need some help.

When meeting with my Editor, we discussed the subject of the pen name. As you may have noticed, my family name is not so easy to pronounce for most people, especially for native English speakers. On one hand, I do want to be immediately associated with the book when people talk about it. On the other, I want people to actually be able to say my name when they do so. Hence, the pen name.

However, I am undecided, not really sure what to choose. The pen name should have my first name in there, as it is distinctive and rather impressive overall. Igor is a Viking name, and it was Igor son of Rurik who conquered Kiev. What more, the name is a derivative of Ingvar, a Norse god. But what about the family name?

This is where you step in. I'd appreciate your honest opinion. There's a poll available, which will let you choose multiple answers or even provide one of your own. I have five ideas at the moment, including bareword Igor, my full name, some Viking variations, and a pun name for Dedoimedo.

If you can spend a moment or three answering the poll, it would be great. The poll uses Javascript, so if you use Noscript or run with Javascript disabled, you will need to enable it for this one occasion.

So what do you think is the best pen name for The Betrayed?

Disclaimer: A bit of legalese, should you provide an alternative poll answer, I may use your suggestion for the book. But please note that you waive any intellectual property or royalty rights. However, if I choose your recommendation, you will be acknowledged for that.

That's it for now. Very soon, the website will be up, allowing you to glimpse previews of what the book is all about, sample chapters, which will also be available here on Dedoimedo, reasoning behind the book's topics, characters, and more. I'd like to believe you will love the book - and its upcoming sequels.

If you have any other ideas or questions, you can mail me.

Thank you for your help.