The Broken win-a-book contest!

Updated: May 26, 2013

Hurray! The Broken, the second book in The Lost Words epic fantasy series has been published! Approximately a year after The Betrayed, you get the sequel, which continues the story right where it abruptly stopped. Anyhow, my celebration is your celebration. So this means, Dedoimedo is in a most benevolent mood, and that means, free books for all. Well, almost. But there's certainly a contest. Please read below to learn how you might get yourself a free and signed copy of The Broken. After me.

Contest rules

Much like the last time, I will be giving away ten copies of The Broken, paperback edition, signed and all that. The contest will run for two weeks, after which the winners will be announced. Then, I will ship the books to the lucky participants. Much like the last time, in return, you pledge your soul and heart that you will write an HONEST review on Amazon, good or bad. Simple.

Contest topic

This year, the topic is a little different. Limericks. For those of you not familiar with limericks, they are the finest of British traditions of making bawdy rhymes, although they can also be fairly innocent and pleasant. To wit, my wife has composed this example as an illustration of what a typical limerick reads like:

There was a man from Brazil,
Whose thingie was as long as an eel,
He folded it twice,
He put it on ice,
And still it would reach to his heel.

There you go, marvelous isn't it. It also tells you what kind of a family cell I'm running here.

If you're interested, please send an email, with the title: The Broken contest, in plain text only.

Smartphone, too!

Best of all, if you participate, you automatically become eligible for participation in my smartphone contest, too! This means you might end up winning a handsome gadget at the end of the year. No one ever has offered such a beautiful reward in return for five lines of poetry.

Beware, if you participate, you must write a review. Last year, out of the ten lucky winners, only eight bothered to do so, despite their promise. This year, if you win and then back down, I will GIMP images of you having intimate relations with a goat and send them to your friends.

Last year participants!

Speaking of last year's participants. You will get a copy too, regardless! And if you write your own reviews for The Broken, you will get two voting slots in the smartphone contest. You are welcome to participate in the limerick thingie, if you wish, like anyone else, just know that you are already booked and settled, the only thing missing is to receive your copy, then read it and write a review. Those eight of you who bothered, that is.

Anyhow, it pays to be nice, and I would love to see your entries this year, too.

If you can't wait

If you cannot hold yourself, then buy it, by all means. Now, I must warn you, the book is somewhat expensive, but this is the minimal price I could set, due to printing costs and available distribution channels. The Kindle edition is going to cost much less, so you should probably aim for that. But I won't mind either way. However, I have reduced the price of The Betrayed, so it should be fine.

The Broken cover

Buy from Amazon

Book details:

Language: English

Trim size: 5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm)

Color: Black & White on White paper

Paperback: 792 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1481913027

ISBN-10: 1481913026

Availability: In stock

Let the fun commence!


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