My most recommended articles

Every author, every writer has their best collection of articles. Not necessarily the most popular or sought after by the general public, but the ones they like the best themselves. I am no exception, and over the years, several articles have struck me dear as my best efforts. For some reason, they seem to have come out a little more polished, a little sharper than the rest, even if you may not see absolute value in them right there, right then.

Anyhow, elevator speech style, if you ask me what my favorite Dedoimedo guides and rants are, then they definitely fall in this category, so I would like to present them to you. Again, remember, you may be after some other information, in which case you might want to expand your search and explore the topics categories. But if you want to know what I like best about my own work, then this page should be your starting point. It's also a nice introduction into the darkness of psyche of the author, the very first impression.

In truly no particular order, enjoy yourselves:

Closing word

Well, if you've reached this far down, it probably means you liked the contents, hopefully, or you are very good at scrolling fast. What you see above is just a sampling. Really. Dedoimedo has so much more to offer, high a thousand articles of all sorts. It is impossible to encompass all of them in a one-pager introduction. Hopefully though, this little manifesto has whetted your appetite, and you will now try to read and explore everything, from the guide to trolling via GParted tutorial, virtualization, 3D art galleries, tons of Linux games, a crazy collection of other weird physics articles, best software and distro listings, all the way to my greatest sites compillation.

Search box just below. May your journey be a pleasant one!