Medieval castle - Teuton style

Updated: November 6, 2006; April 30, 2011

Well, no, not really. I don't think my castle is a true follower of the Teutonic architecture, but I did have to give some sort of a smart name, in order to appeal intellectual as well as historically cultural. Anyhow ...

Here's another work of medieval masonry for you. Again, it's a big, sprawling castle with thick walls, lots of turrets, a moat, and a collection of fancy building inside. It's more angular than the Norman castle - hence the slightly Gothic taste - and looks more robust. In my opinion, it's also better defended.


Here's what it looks from high above, through the sniper eyes of a falcon.

Teuton castle top view

Teuton castle west view

Teuton castle bird view

As you can see, it's a square model, with four corner turrets with rounded bases (against siege weapons), an elaborate drawbridge and gatehouse, and a massive keep. It's also significantly larger than the Norman castle.

Teuton castle north view

Getting in seems like a tricky business. The drawbridge is heavily fortified, with a pair of small towers of its own and a narrow walkway, covered from the siege walls and corner towers.

Teuton castle drawbridge and gate 1

Teuton castle drawbridge and gate 2

Teuton castle drawbridge and gate 3

Even if an enemy manages to cross the moat, he still faces a horrible challenge; triple portculli. First, in through the long barrel-vaulted gateway corridor, with murderholes in the side walls and the ceiling.

Teuton castle portculli 1

Then, a second grid of spikes, which retract into the ground down a walled passage with more deadly murderholes and crenelations.

Teuton castle portculli 2

And finally, past the second gatehouse, with a portcullis of its own.

Teuton castle portculli 3

Seen the movie Jaws? This is the medieval version of it.

Teuton castle jaws

This is what it looks from above, this long alley of death.

Teuton castle gate fortifications 1

Notice the triple gatehouses, the guard towers and the long flights of stairs leading to the battlements.

Teuton castle gate fortifications 2

Teuton castle curtain walls

Notice the bailey; it has everything: barracks, stables for horses, a chapel, and even a majestic fountain, the pride of the local liege.

Teuton castle bailey

Here are the barracks for the local garrison, a long shed built against the massive walls. Wagons with various goods are parked nearby, awaiting unloading. Above the barracks' thatched roof stretches an archway, connecting the keep with the eastern battlements. Further behind, a flight of stairs leads to the wall walkways.

Teuton castle barracks

Stables for horses and such. A lavish marble fountain just shows on the right.

Teuton castle stables

And then a church, with lots of interesting angles.

Teuton castle church

It's more sort of a tap than a well, but times being medieval, it's probably best described as a spout. That's for weary knights to wash the blood off before a mass.

Teuton castle well

A reservoir, with water supply to last through a long siege.

Teuton castle reservoir

Behind the church are the cellars, where wine and other goods are kept. And is it not well known that best brews and wines came from monasteries? I was rather proud of myself with the design of those arches.

Teuton castle cellars

Finally, we zoom in on the keep, where Frederick Barbarossa keeps wild rave parties every full moon. Lots of windows for posh gentry to enjoy daylight - unlike the common soldiers, and a huge balcony for speeches and dancing.

Castle keep 1

Castle keep 2

The menacing sight of the keep tower. The tall basalt spike piercing at the sky, as seen through the eyes of a little soldier standing guard near the gate ramp. You could almost believe your lords were God-chosen when they hailed from high above.

Castle keep 5

Saruman and Gandalf could have one hell of a fight on top of this tower.

Castle keep tower

A closer look of the corner turrets; nothing special. Just a big bulk with lots of arrow loops to shoot from.

Teuton castle corner turret

A brief look of the battlements. There are lots of openings for storing gear and stairs running in all directions.

Teuton castle battlements 1

Teuton castle battlements 2

And that's it. Time to depart.

Teuton castle bird view departing

Kerkythea images

Time for proper fun ... So let's rock [sic] hihihihihi. Here's the same model, only re-created using Kerkythea, after exporting the model using SketchUp Importer for Google SketchUp and rendered with photons and ray tracing and magic and whatnot. You will like this. My dream of making near-realistic models is coming true, finally. Nirvana. Spledidski.

Iso 1

Iso 2

Iso 3

Some closeups on the castle interior; there's the workshop and the fountain:



And the battlements, basked in a glaring afternoon sunlight:


Like my Norman castle model, I very much enjoyed rendering the gate, the drawing bridge and the moat. While the straight angles may not be the most authentic, I tried to make it as real as possible, with brakish water full of pond grass and whatnot.

Gate 1

Gate 2

Gate 3

And the best shot of them all:

Gate, imposing

Happy holidays or something ...

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