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Updated: January 11, 2013

Written by: Dedoimedo's significant other. This one was commissioned by a friend. She recently bought a house and when I offered to help out with the design, she asked me to design the kids' bedrooms. Quite a challenge and a great honor.

There are two rooms in this model. One is meant for the firstborn daughter and the other is to be shared by her two younger sisters. There were almost no special requests or limitations other than room size and door and window positioning. There was one specific request though, no pink!



The two rooms are not sharing any walls, so the model is divided into two. On the left, the smaller room for the firstborn. On the right, the larger room for her siblings.

Rooms plans

The smaller room was designed in white, lilac and sunny yellow. My friend had already bought an armoir in those colors and asked me to design the room around it. Since most of the armoir is white, it made sense that the rest of the furniture also be white, while the lilac and yellow add interest.

Room 1, picture 1

Since the young lady is going to grow up in this room, the design is not childish and can serve for many years to come. The storage space behind the bed and the trunks under it can move from holding toys to holding make-up, accessories and shoes. The shelves can transform from holding children's books to magazines or encyclopedias.

Room 1, picture 2

Room 1, picture 3

There is additional hanging storage behind the door, where a mirror can be placed at a later stage, and a desk with all the necessary storage space this princess will need when she starts school.

Room 1, picture 4

Room 1, picture 5

There were no special requests for the color-scheme of the larger room, except that there be no girly colors. That basically means, no pinks. So, I offered to do greens and oranges. Usually this would be considered tricky, however, against a white background, they complement each other. The result is a vibrant kid's bedroom.

Room 2, picture 1

There is plenty of storage for each of the girls, so that they won't have to fight for space as they grow up. Since they would have to share a rather narrow, albeit floor-to-ceiling armoir, each has a large trunk under the bed and their own set of shelves, located safely out of their reach until they are older.

Room 2, picture 2

Room 2, picture 3

The shelving unit between the two beds is designed to hold toys and books, while the girls are still small. As they grow older and start school, this unit can be replaced by a desk.

Room 2, picture 4

Room 2, picture 5

Room 2, picture 6


This design is all about balance, understanding the parents' tastes as well as those of the children, understanding their needs. Bringing various colors together in a way that won't clash. Designing both for now and for the future, while keeping the little ones' safety in mind. Like I said, it was a challenge but also an honor and I hope that my client will be pleased.


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