Awesome preview of my Kerkythea 3D renders

Updated: April 19, 2011

As you may be aware, I have recently discovered a divine rendering program called Kerkythea. With the blissful combination of the Google SketchUp Importer plugin, I was able to convert all my 3D models and render them with highly realistic skins and lighting, transforming an already decent work into pure joy. While self-given superlatives of flattery sound stupid, a visual demonstration could perhaps convince you that there might be some truth in my words.

Indeed, for those less patient among you who do not feel like browsing the entire collection of my 3D models, I have created a handful of high-quality previews of what awaits you should you dare click and explore. Below, you will find a sampling of 3D renders of my models. Take a minute to look, and if you're impressed or convinced, then please examine the entire collection. Dial-up warning: the images are fairly big, so they may take a while loading. Now, enough talking, here are the previews and teasers. Enjoy most profoundly.


Here we go, the best of the best:

Aircraft carrier

Destroyer ship

Dawn light, front view

Final looks 3

Norman castle

Super castle

Helicopter gunship

F-15 like plane

Su-27 like plane

Spaceship 1

Spaceship 2


Modern tank

Kill Mobil

Urban warfare

Not bad for an old git, eh? Please check each gallery for many more beautiful and exciting images. Credits for the use of background images are listed in the respective articles for each model. P.S. If you are interested in full-size wallpapers, please let me know and I'll make them available for download. Oh, if you liked this, feel free to share and boost my ego. Thanks!

Have fun!

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