Kill Mobil

Updated: June 2, 2007; April 30, 2011

Some of you may assume there's a spelling mistake in the title. Incorrect. I have purposefully omitted the e at the end of the word, so the name becomes both visually and rhymtically ominous.


Kill Mobil is a Command & Conquer style armored vehicle - it is unproportionally large and armed with a huge arsenal of weapons, including (but not limited to) a main turret with lots of guns and missiles, two anti-personnel turrets, a mortar, and seven machine gun ports. In my professional estimation (i.e. random guess), Kill Mobil is about 14-15 meters long and weighs about 75 tons.

Kill Mobil right front iso

Kill Mobil left fron iso

The heart of the vehicle is the large main turret, bristling with weapons. The main gun is an automatic 76mm cannon, derived from the Oerlikon/OTO-Melera Rapid dual-purpose anti-air anti-surface naval gun, capable of firing rounds up to 15,000 m away. Next to it, a 20mm M61 Vulcan six-barrel Gatling-type gun is coaxially mounted.

When buttoned up, the crew (the two gunners - cannon operator and missile operator) can use 0.5cal machine guns to disperse crowds. A cushdy quad launcher of FIM-92 Stinger missiles mounted on the left side is used against airborne threats both when stationary and moving.

Kill Mobil turret zoomed

Notice the 76mm smoke dischargers and the third hatch for the commander.

Kill Mobil turret zoom 1

You can see there's a third machine gun mount on the rear of the vehicle, for use by the transported infantry during loading/unloading.

Kill Mobil turret zoom 2

From this angle, you can see the driver's port as well as fully appeciate the menacing look of the Vulcan gun. Unseen in this or any of the previous images is the small, coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, on the right side of the main gun.

Kill Mobil weapons 2

The anti-personnel turrets are manned by transported infantry and manually operated. Each is armed by two short-barrel medium machines and is used at close range and in urban theater where the mobility is limited and the main turret cannot be fully traversed. In this image, you can see the humble barrel of the 7.62mm machine gun.

Kill Mobil anti-personnel turret

Kill Mobil Vucan

Kill Mobil has 7 machine gun ports, each armed with a twin 7.62mm machine gun. The ports are installed asymmetrically, with three on the left side. A 81mm internal-loading mortar is mounted on the rear right side, next to a detachable drum of fuel (I have borrowed this item from the Google Sketchup warehouse). The mortar can fire Merlin guided anti-tank rounds.

Kill Mobil machine gun ports 1

Not a very friendly view for someone outside the vehicle.

Kill Mobil machine gun ports

Kill Mobil is powered by a 1,500hp turbo diesel engine. Not much considering its enormous weight - but okay since it runs on wheels rather than tracks. Here's a sexy exhaust of that massive engine.

Kill Mobil engine ehxaust

A bit of strict gemoetry shots, right, left, top ...

Kill Mobil front

Kill Mobil right

Top view is particularly spectacular, I'd say. Given the crew hatches side, one can truly appreciate the size of the vehicle from this perspective. It is definitely too wide for any practical road or bridge in the modern world.

Kill Mobil top

Kill Mobil has two doors on the rear side. The larger one is used to load ammunition (including missiles for the mortar). There's a tiny fuel canister on the left side.

Kill Mobil rear

Kill Mobil has very wide wheels to reduce the ground pressure as well as maximize the run-over surface when it's used in the melee mode (another Command & Conquer feature).

Kill Mobil rear ground view

And for the finale, a few semi-distance shots. The Stinger launcher does leave an impressive shadow on the ground.

Kill Mobil far view 1

Kill Mobil far view 2

I have created this model almost a year ago. It is the first model that I have truly started to appreciate the software and utilize all of the tools properly. Looking back, I'm impressed with the quality of my own creation. If you fancy more pictures/brainwashing, feel free to contact me. Cheers.

Kerkythea images

Time for proper fun ... This is madness, Sparta, uh ... realistic rendering.

Here's the same model, only re-created using Kerkythea, after exporting the model using SketchUp Importer for Google SketchUp and rendered with photons and ray tracing and magic and whatnot. You will like this. My dream of making near-realistic models is coming true, finally. Nirvana. Spledidski.

First, I redid the model materials with dark green alumnium, which looks more realistic than the original color. Still, it's quite shiny, so this kind of thing more befits an urban machine than a proper armored terrain vehicle.

Iso left front

A nice zoom on the turret. Notice the shadows and reflections.

Turret, zoomed

Ze weapons:

Weapons, zoomed

Here's a dramatic closeup on the vehcile from another angle, showcasing the smoke grenades, the quad missile launcher, the main gun, the top machine guns, the six-barrel Vulcan-like thingie, and one of the bow turrets.

Dramastic look

A low-angle back shot, in two different lighting setups:

Iso back right

Dark light

Another rear view:

Back look

Finally, I used some kakhi brown for camouflage and placed the model against a treeline backdrop, which infuses a bit of reality into the model. Looking quite neat, I must say, although there's a lot more to be done.

With background



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