The Lateral - A terraced apartment-hotel

Updated: July 19, 2010

Welcome to the Lateral! This is my dream of a little piece of paradise on the Adriatic coast, somewhere in Central Dalmatia. The Lateral is an eco-friendly apartment-hotel situated on a steep seaside bluff. The terraced structure allows for private and independent apartment-units, each with an unobstructed view of the Adriatic.


This gallery is unique and different from the others in that it incorporates work in two different 3D design programs. Google SketchUp was used to create the external mockup. Chief Architect Better Homes and Gardens was used to create apartment-units. Final touch to sea and beach was added in GIMP.

Lateral 5

Lateral 4

Lateral 6

There is one apartment-unit per terrace and it is accessed via a private staircase veering away from the wide main stairs, which lead to the beach. There are no elevators at the Lateral, so there's no need to get into shape prior to your arrival. I hope you got the last sentence. If not, read again.

Lateral 3

Lateral 7

All units are placed in a way that maximizes privacy without taking away from the great views. By the way, all that green around the units is really grass, but it is irrigated by recycled gray water, so it is double green.

Lateral 1

The units themselves are 36 sq. meters and consist of four main functions: one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen-dining room.


Here, you can see the design in 3D from two different angles.



The design of the living area is an open plan. The huge sliding windows doubling as doors and the high ceilings increase the feeling of spaciousness. The colors are relatively neutral, with the occasional purple splash.

Living space 1

Living space 2

The bathroom consists of the holy trinity of toilet-sink-shower. Again, a shower and not a bath, because baths take up too much space and they are not that eco-friendly compared to showers, which not only use less water generally but can also be fitted with water-saving shower-heads for improved water saving.


The bedroom has a plenty of storage for all those prolonged stays and a comfy king-size bed for a refreshing good night's sleep after a whole day on the beach.


The kitchen, like in all apartment-suites, is fully equipped. So, you can stay in and cook yourselves a romantic dinner for two. The undercounter fridge, again, is a more eco-friendly option than the standard version; and it is more than guests at the Lateral will ever need.



For the moment the Lateral is still a dream; but it is a dream that may yet some day be realized. And when that day comes, I hope you'll come to stay and take part in the fulfilling of this vision.

Have fun!

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