Do It Yourself Layout

Updated: June 21, 2010

Ever wished that the rooms of your home were like lego-blocks, and you could shift and rearrange them to better suit you and your needs? Sometimes something that sounds very reasonable like a two-bedroom-one-bathroom can turn out to have one of the craziest layouts, that makes you wonder what were they thinking ...

In this design I treat each room like a lego-block. Combined, they can be arranged into any number of different layouts. So, I created a list of all the rooms I would like to have in this house: all the must rooms and some extras like a library, a pantry and utility room and a summer kitchen.


Once you have your lego-blocks ready, it's all about the layout and flow of the house. Naturally, you wouldn't want to put the living room and kitchen on opposite sides of your home, with all the bedrooms in the middle. So, put some thought into this and start assembling your model.


As you walk into the house, you are welcomed into the living space. The living and dining areas are in the same room but they are separated by the walking path from the kitchen to the rest of the house. The kitchen is to the right and it is the "back-stage" wing along with the pantry, laundry room, summer kitchen, and a small bathroom. On the left of the house is the "private" wing with the master suite, guest or kids bedrooms, an office, and a library.


Here you can see the design in 3D from several different angles.

Dollhouse 1

Dollhouse 2

The color scheme in the living space is a neutral mix of cremes and black.

Living room 1

Living room 2

Dining room

An orange corridor leads to the "private" wing with its multi-purpose rooms. Here, for example, you can see one of the guest bedrooms and the library. Any one of these rooms can be used for other purposes, like a mini-gym or an office, a spare bedroom, or perhaps a TV room. It all depends on the lego-blocks you're using.

Guest bedroom

Reading room

The master bedroom has a very relaxed color scheme of lilac and white, which continues on to the master bathroom.

Master bedroom 1

Master bedroom 2

The master bathroom is a spacious sinuous room with lots of storage space.

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 3


The color scheme changes throughout the home, making for a very colorful and invigorating living environment. Rooms can be added or removed, like lego-blocks, depending on the functions you wish to have.

Have fun!

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