Mushroom, Mushroom!

Updated: August 28, 2017

With the increased interest and Pinterest in my earlier Snail House design, I have decided to follow-up with another organically inspired interior scheme - the mushroom. While the connection to home design is rather straight forward with the snail shell, with the mushroom a slightly less obvious perspective does the trick. The room division becomes clearer from the chosen angle, allowing for a natural room flow from the entrance, through the hallway and into every other room of the house.

Yet again, this design wasn't easy. The curved walls influence the positioning of the furniture, and you will end up with what can seem as dead spaces. Fear not! Any nook and cranny can be utilized for either storage, decoration or even a creative lighting setup.

The house is 150sqm and consists of a living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a laundry room. In this design, one of the bedrooms is an office, but it can easily serve as a bedroom. There are two bathrooms. One is a small guest bathroom, right off the living room and the other one is placed between the two bedrooms. There are no en suites here, but there is a separate and fully equipped laundry room.


Once again, don't panic. This isn't all that complicated, considering that I omitted so many features, like lighting switches, airing vents, curtains, and many other things that must exist in a proper house. The focus here is on the shape and flow, so the plan is not as detailed as it could and should be. As always, the green lines are outer walls, the yellow ones are inner walls, the red objects are lighting fixtures, and the gray lines are furniture.

Mushroom, plan

Here you can see the design in 3D from various angles.





And here you can see the inner rooms more closely, especially the home-office, bedrooms and main bathroom, and the hallway and guest bathroom.




The hallway, or entrance, takes up a significant amount of space. This is intended to make a clear transition between the outdoors and indoors.

Hallway 1

Hallway 2

The open-plan kitchen and living rooms are nestled within the mushroom's stem. There is no formal dining room or area in this design, due to limited space.


The color scheme for the common area is neutral, consisting of ochers and blacks. Further character can be added through soft furnishing, like curtains, pillows and rugs, preferably in a contrasting color, like turquoise or another earthy, complementing color like amber.

Living room 1

Living room 2

Living room 3

Living room 4

Living room 5

The kitchen is petite, to phrase it mildly, but stocked with all the necessary appliances. In this small and cozy space you will find an under counter fridge, a built-in dishwasher, a smaller hob, a full sized sink, and various other mod cons. I've also chosen to place a breakfast bar as a link between the kitchen and seating area and emphasized this by using the same fabric upholstery for the bar stools as the sofas.

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 3

Here's a glimpse into the bedrooms. The design is muted and neutral. Perfect for unwinding after a long and tiring day.

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Finally, this is a closer look at the main bathroom and laundry room. The bathroom is vary spacious and light and the laundry/utility room is perfect for storing all of that housekeeping gear neatly away from the living areas, and out of sight.

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 3



This is another take on an organically inspired home design that is entirely within your reach. All you need is your trusted contractor and off you grow!

So long and prosper.

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