Swinging on a star

Updated: June 23, 2011

How many fantasy homes can you design? Well, lots I suppose. However, once in a while a designer needs to get back in touch with reality and design a flat. In this case, I designed a three bedroom apartment that could serve a young family with two small children.

The inspiration for this design was a five-point star. The idea was that there would be a central common area with various rooms veering off in different directions. This 100 m2 apartment does just that. The front door leads into the living and dining area, with doors leading on to the other rooms. The are no corridors in this design, which might bother some people. However, in a small apartment, corridors would simply be a waste of floor area.


The central family room and dining areas are flanked by two smaller bedrooms, which in this design serve as a home office and the kids' bedroom. As the children grow older or more children join the family, the office can be easily transformed into another bedroom. The master bedroom is an ensuite with a small walk-in closet. The kitchen is in a separate room, where you can simply close the door on any mess or smells threatening to invade your living space.


Here you can see the design in 3D from three different angles.

Doll House View 1

Doll House View 2

Doll House View 3

Open plan living isn't for everyone. Who doesn't have a messy kitchen that they sometimes would rather hide behind a closed door? All that laundry and dishes ... So, this kitchen is in a room of its own and is a relatively good size with lots of storage and built-in appliances.

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 3

The central area is rather minimalistic. With the balcony windows being the only natural source of light in this room, it is important to keep this room as uncluttered as possible and bring in well-placed artificial lighting. 

Living room 1

Living room 2

The master bedroom and office are designed in mild and relaxing colors. The master is in green and pink, leaning toward the more feminine, while the home office is somewhat more sterile and masculine.

Master bedroom

Office 1

Office 2

The kids' bedroom is mostly neutral with splashes of red brightening it up. As time goes by and the boys get fed up with the red, the accent can be replaced with another color, like green or yellow or black, because all that color is in the smaller and interchangeable items.

Kids bedroom 1

Kids bedroom 2


It's a lovely flat. Just big enough to accommodate a young family, yet cozy and homey at the same time. Stick a few of these together and start building skywards, and you'll get yourself a nice little high-rise reaching for the stars.

Have fun!

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