New renders of my tank model!

Updated: April 21, 2011

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After completing my hybrid airplane article, I decided to redo all my existing models with even more realistic renders. You see, all of my existing models are rather clean, factory-made. But in real life, there's no such thing. You always get little imperfections, spots of dust and dirt and chipped paint, oil leaks, bruises, bad lighting, mud, scratches, and all those other sweet, grubby details that infuse objects with a sense of earthly belonging. My models didn't have any of those, until now.

So please prepare to be stunned. The tank gallery is the first retouched model, with some fancy extras. I focused a lot of effort on using better materials and adding bump textures. But the most important addition is grass - real grass, rendered in Kerkythea. As you may be thinking right now, even at rather modest settings, creation of these images took 2-3 hours each on my high-end desktop. Then, I also did some post-image work in GIMP, including color noise, dirt and smear airbrush strokes, as well as used some super-cool plugins.


Without further ado:

Side, mist

Side, mist, black & white

Now we get that same shot like above, only with some rain - and a soft rainbow:

Rain image

Some dramatic twilight images:


Side view, black & white

A front-side shot:


And an even better one, with clouds, water reflection and a palest of shadows:

Front view, another

Mud is good for tanks. Here we have some grass and patches of dirty, muddy water.


Muddy, black & white

Michael Mann uses green to denote danger; I hope I can convey the same message:

Green light

And with a National Geographic filter in place:

National Geographic filter

And we end with a Diana Holga like effect, again thanks to some GIMP plugins:

Diana Holga effect

I told you it would be cool.


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