Weekend getaway

Updated: October 3, 2009

My inspiration for this design came from tiny holiday apartments that are used only as a place to recharge one's batteries in between happily eventful days. As with most designs, there are several constraints I observed.

The first was space limitation. Here, I aimed at 50 m2, which is a reasonable size for a holiday let, especially when planning a complex of several units. The second constraint was a decent kitchen. One of the things I value dearly is the presence of a refrigerator. The rooms may be tiny, the sofas tattered, but a fridge will make all those other issues irrelevant.

The last constraint was a hint of Feng Shui. The layout of this apartment is slightly influenced by Feng Shui. Mainly, the fact that when someone walks through the front door, they are welcomed by the living room and not by the bathroom.


The plan is very straight forward. The green lines are outer walls, the yellow ones are inner walls, the red objects are lighting fixtures.


Here you can see the design in 3D from three different angles.




The design is open-plan living with the bedroom and bathroom tucked away in a niche of their own. The bathroom consists of the holy trinity of toilet-sink-shower, allowing for a compact two-by-two room. Storage is also accounted for, both in the bedroom and living areas.

Camera 1

Camera 2

The color scheme for this design was white & green on a black background. The colors work well together and are quite neutral for most people.

One of the Better Homes & Gardens software features is transparent 3D, which is demonstrated below. This enables to see the various layers of the apartment, without using the Doll House View feature.


Another feature of the software is the ability to change the background in order to get a better feel of the property. As this apartment is a representative of holiday lets, I chose a natural setting for it. Again, like with the Snail House design, the integration of the house into the landscape background is not perfect, but it lets you visualize what the final project could look like.

Camera 4


Many other design features can be added, such as pillows, pictures, curtains, kitchen utensils, bathroom items, etc. Well, you get the picture. Here, I chose not to go into too much detail because simplicity is a key element when designing weekend getaways. After all, you're not supposed to live there, only to relax.


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