Best distro of 2014 poll

Updated: December 1, 2014

Normally, I don't do this kind of thing. But this year, I decided to be benevolent and ask you what you think the best Linux distribution of 2014 might be. And so we will be doing this poll here, for about two weeks. After that I'm going to publish my annual nominations, and include your own popular vote in the article.

Anyhow, the poll comes with ten available choices, for the top ten distributions as seen on Distrowatch. But there's also a free field plus comments, so you can add your own votes, in case they are not featured in the predefined options. I hope you will exercise your right, and if not, well this is going to anĀ embarrassing experiment in how to be forever alone. So let's see.


The poll

You need Javascript to use the poll thingie, so make sure you have that. Other than that, it's pretty straightforward. Please try not to vote multiple times, as much as you'd love to see your favorite distro feature high and mighty. And if you have any fancy comments, you may leave them, too.

Best Linux distribution of 2014

This poll will be open for two weeks. Do your best. As I've mentioned earlier, I will include your responses as a separate entry in my best distro article. I must tell you, in advance, that the result of this poll will not affect my own decision, but it will be quite interesting to see what you think, and whether our options coincide in some strange way. Now, off you go. See ya.


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