CentOS 7 & Audio CD strikes back

Updated: October 2, 2015

Remember how I gave up on you, even though I promised I'd never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down? Well, I did. Once upon a time, I was falling in love, now I'm only Linuxing apart, not so long ago in fact, one of you asked me how to create audio CDs from MP3 files using K3b on CentOS 7. I set about doing this and failed miserably. You, my nation, the universe, everyone.

Then, the merry fellow Nux, who runs the namesake third-party repo for CentOS full of good stuff and pimpage, contacted me, and informed me that he's compiled a whole bunch of new packages into his repo, and that I should give this a second shot. So I did, and this is the result.


Second attempt

Fire up your CentOS, refresh the repos. If you search for k3b, the list should be much better this time around, provided you are indeed running and using the Nux repository.

Search for packages

Apart from the standard K3b stuff, we want that fine and elusive package called k3b-extras-freeworld for all the additional codec plugins and whatnot. This should also give us the ability to burn MP3 files to audio CDs. And also make CentOS 7 equal to its previous version as far as it comes to fun and glory.

yum install k3b-extras-freeworld

Start K3b and test

No errors, no warnings good stuff. Indeed, you can create audio CD projects, and you can do this with MP3 files. Ignore the bad identification of song meta data, the software now works as it should, and our lives are complete once again. Job done!

K3b & Audio CD, fixed

Working, audio CD


I like when things click into place. Having these little gaps in your software conquest can be a terrible toll on the soul. Which is why it's so rewarding when old, incomplete items on your tenacity slash todo list get their checkmark. This is one such example, and it makes CentOS a worthy player, a modern distro, and relevant, all at once.

Of course, we need to thank Nux for making this happen. In fact, just think about it. Without all the community effort, without all the extra repositories, CentOS would only be a highly functional yet highly boring server distribution. This way, you can enjoy its long support and stability without compromising on everyday joys. Mission complete.


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