Double Driver - backup all your drivers in 2 seconds

Updated: March 23, 2009

If you're using Windows, there's a fair chance you have reinstalled your operating system once or twice. And if you recall the experience, one of the most troublesome part was getting hold of all your drivers and installing them again. Some were missing, some were outdated ... No more. Double Driver allows you to backup (and restore) all your system drivers in less than 5 seconds, with only 2-3 mouse clicks. It is that simple and that powerful.

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Double Driver is a small, simple utility that will scan your system for drivers, allowing you to backup (and restore) some or all of them. Best of all, Double Driver is portable and will even run from a live Windows CD; not surprisingly, it has been added to the list of tools in the excellent Ultimate Boot CD for Windows. Download, extract, run and enjoy.

Scan for drivers

The first time you start Double Driver, click Scan to look for installed drivers. The program will select only non-Microsoft drivers, by default.

DD 1


Your next step is to backup your drivers. Choose only non-Microsoft drivers, only Microsoft drivers or all of them.

DD 2

Click Backup to proceed. Alternatively, click Restore to install an existing set of drivers on a fresh Windows installation. Choose the backup folder:

DD 3

Wait a few seconds ...

DD 4

Believe it or not, that's it. You have your drivers backed up for a rainy day.

DD 5


Double Driver is one of those simple things that make computing worthwhile. It may not seem like an important part of your software arsenal, but the day you reinstall Windows and discover your four-year-old CDs with antique drivers is no longer being recognized by your optical drive, you will thank the deities of the Internet for having included in the toolbox.

Double Driver allows you to keep your latest drivers ready at all times, taking very little space and even less time to recover. And since it can be run from a live CD, it allows you to easily and painlessly recover non-bootable systems with serious driver errors. Even if you are using proper imaging software, which pretty much allows you to restore your entire system state in minutes, Double Driver can still be quite useful.

For trigger-happy Windows enthusiasts and tweakers, Windows administrators and other people prone to reinstall their operating system frequently, Double Driver is a must.

Have fun.

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