Installing Mandriva Linux - Part 4

Completing installation - cont.

Network & Internet configuration

Configuring the network take a bit time. You are required to answer prompts from the installation wizard on seven different screens. You will be asked to choose the type of connection that you want to configure, the network device, the connection protocol and IP settings, and whether you wish to start the connection at the moment as well as make it active when booting into the system.

Again, if you are not really sure about certain options, you should make your best guess and proceed. You will have the opportunity to make the necessary changes later on.

Mandriva network configuration 1

Network configuration 2

Mandriva network configuration 3

Mandriva network configuration 4

Mandriva network configuration 5

Mandriva network configuration 6

Mandriva network configuration 7

Root & local user

Next, you should create the root password. Make it a wee bit more complex than 12345.

Mandriva root password

Create your local user, too. Do not skip this part. One of the basic concepts of *NIX security is the separation of user from the core of the system (root), while retaining full functionality. Once satisfied with your choices, click Accept user.

Mandriva user

The Enter a user menu will not vanish. It will notify you that you have successfully added a user and allow you to create other users, if you need. Once you have created all of the local users that need access to the computer, click Done to proceed.

Mandriva added user

The very first time you boot into Mandriva, First Boot Wizard will allow you to register to your product. You can skip this step right now and go back to it later on. Like myself, you are probably keen on getting to the desktop so you can start enjoying Linux.

Mandriva first boot wizard

To do that, you will have to provide your username and password.

Mandriva welcome screen

After a few seconds, the familiar GNOME desktop will load. We have just successfully completed the installation. It's to time to get acquainted with the Mandriva distribution. You can find some basic configurations are on the next page.

Mandriva desktop


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