Installing PCLinuxOS - Page 3

Completing installation


After all of the system files have been copied, you will have to setup the bootloader. I will not go into details regarding bootloaders (a separate tutorial is in the oven). For most people, the default choice should work.

Nevertheless, you have the option of choosing between GRUB and LILO bootloaders. GRUB is more advanced and yet better suited for new Linux users. It is also the default choice. The second drop-down entry allows us to choose where the GRUB will be installed. Again, the installer will make the right choice for you.

PCLinuxOS grub setup

Now, you have the ability to edit the boot menu. The entries shown in the list are the actual choices that you can make when the bootloader (in our case GRUB) starts up. If you want, you can add new entries, modify existing entries or even remove some of them. Unless you know what you're doing, you should not meddle. At most, you may change the labels of the entries, so they are more easily recognizable. I have explained this briefly in the Mandriva tutorial, on Page 3.

PCLinuxOS grub menu entries

For more serious GRUB configurations, please wait until I post the GRUB tutorial.

Root password & user

Make sure to set a strong password. And remember it.

PCLinuxOS root password

Configuring users is similar to Mandriva. You will be able to create as many new users as you want. At this stage, we'll create a single one, our favorite Roger Bodger. After you setup the user parameters, click Accept user to create it.

PCLinuxOS user

Once satisfied with your choices, click Done.

PCLinuxOS accepted user

The installation is now complete. Reboot.

PCLinuxOS installation complete

Although this screenshot does not contribute to the tutorial, it shows the KDE dragon, which is worth the effort.

PCLinuxOS end session

After you restart, you will see the GRUB menu. The boot options have generic labels. If you are not comfortable with just Linux, you can edit the GRUB menu once you reach the desktop.

PCLinuxOS boot installed

Unlike Mandriva, PCLinuxOS will not ask you to setup your network now. We have already done that while booting into the live session. I think this is a much more sensible choice; you have the ability to configure your network properly before you install the distro.

Now, you should login.

PCLinuxOS login

The installation is complete. Welcome.


On the next page(s), you will be able to get familiarized with PCLinuxOS and learn some basic configurations.


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