Knoppix live Linux CD

Updated: November 24, 2006

I have decided to review a number of popular, highly useful Linux-based live CDs. Most are warmly recommended as they can be used for safe browsing, system backup and recovery, diagnostics, as well as educational tools. Knoppix live CD is one of the more complete, mature and powerful packages available.

To download the live CD, visit Klaus' Knoppers' webpage or

Well then, what makes Knoppix so attractive?

You do not feel ready to install a Linux on your PC? You do not even like the prospect of experimenting with a virtualization product like VMware Player? Knoppix is the answer for you. Just place the CD in the tray, close it, reboot, and start playing with Linux.

What can you do with Knoppix?

Knoppix desktop

Knoppix offers a wide range of applications for everyday use, including Firefox and Konqueror browsers, Thunderbird, Open Office, GIMP, GAIM, and many many more - listing them all would take a long time. The CD has more than 900 software packages.

Then, there's a range of special features that make Knoppix a very powerful tool. Here's a brief overview of the few that caught my eye:

Create a persistent Knoppix disk image

You will be able to virtual hard disk image of your live environment on a writable media like a USB stick, which will allow you to save personal data while using the live CD. This means that you will be able to preserve data collected during your live sessions, like files off the Internet.

Knoppix create disk image

NESSUS Security Tool

NESSUS is a security scanner for Unix-based operating systems like Linux, BSD or Solaris. It can perform close to a thousand remote security checks and suggest solutions to security problems.


QTParted is a partition manager, somewhat similar to GParted. Running from a CD, you will be able to rearrange your hard drive layout easily. For people who use Windows and do not have a partitioning software, this could be a solid alternative. It can also be used to prepare disks for installation of older Windows like Win98 and ME.


Winetools is a menu-driver installer for Windows programs under a x86 processor architecture with the Linux operating system using Wine. The program runs with a very comfortable GUI wizard that will allow you to easily install Windows-based applications. This is a nice, complementary (or alternative) approach to using VMware product for running Windows programs under Linux.

Knoppix Winetools 1

Knoppix Winetools 2

Furthermore, with Knoppix you will enjoy:

The list goes on and on and on.


There is no reason NOT to have a Knoppix live CD in your collection. It's a versatile, multi-purpose tool that can serve you well both in peacetime and war. Whether you want to hazard a risky session of browsing to nefarious sites, rescue data from a dead machine, rearrange partitions, or perhaps audit a remote machine for security leaks, Knoppix is a very handy solution that will not disappoint you. It is a good step for getting acquainted with Linux, in the most harmless fashion possible.

Afraid of the dreaded geek operating system called Linux?

No more. Come and have fun.

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