Resize hundreds of images in one go with PixResizer

Updated: May 11, 2009

PixResizer is a useful utility that should come by handy whenever you decide to resize entire folders of your images. Don't waste time manually opening each file and changing its size. Be fast and efficient and maintain consistency in your work with images by running a bulk resize utility. When it comes to this specific task, PixResizer, a small and humble tool, is one of the better candidates around.

Working with PixResizer

It's as simple as driving a car. Open the program. Click on the Work with multiple files tab.

PixResizer 1

Select the Source, a directory with the files you want to resize. Next, select the Destination, a folder where you will output the resized imaged. You can also tick the Subfolders box, allowing to work recursively with multiple subfolders.

Next, select the new size. The simplest way is to set the size of the larger dimension. After that, select the file format. You can preserve the original one or choose among the five options.

Practically, that's all. You may also want to enlarge images, if needed, but this will usually result in degraded quality, and output the images in grayscale. Click on Save Pictures. Depending on the number of images chosen, the task will take a few seconds.

It's really that simple. You won't ever have to manually open and resize the files, not unless you're really bored.


Well, this is a fairly short and simple tutorial, but it emphasizes a major need that quite a few Windows users face daily. Whether we're working on family albums, writing documents or emails with strict guidelines on size and resolution, trying to save a few MBs on the hard drive, or simply trying to maintain uniformity across galleries, we have to be able to do this task quickly and efficiently. Doing by hand is simply impractical. Having the ability to bulk resize images automatically is a must.

PixResizer fits the bill here. It's a dedicated, single-task program that does what is expected of it elegantly and efficiently. I warmly recommend having it included in your Windows arsenal.


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