Sabayon Linux - a Gentoo beauty - Overview & Tutorial - Page 4

Complete installation


Now, we need to configure the bootloader. The default choice will work for most people.

Sabayon configure GRUB bootloader


The next step is to configure the network.

Sabayon network


Our time zone ...

Sabayon location


Configuring the users is the next step. Sabayon offers a very nice option of setting up a Super User, in addition to regular users. You will most likely configure your username as the Super User. This will allow you to perform system administration tasks without using the root account, increasing security and flexibility.

This is a sort of a compromise between the Ubuntu SUDO-only way and the classic Linux way, which requires that you manually setup users as members of the SUDO group.

Indeed, we will setup our usual star, Roger Bodger (roger), as the Super User and also create a regular user called Ian Bibian (ianbibian).

Sabayon users


Now, all that remains is to confirm the installation choices and wait 10-15 minutes for the setup to complete.

Sabayon confirm install

Sabayon installing

Sabayon installation complete

We'll see some post-install configurations on the next page.


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